I Am Buraot
Who on earth is BURAOT?
BURAOT is the quintessential skeptic but a not-yet-so-hopeless pessimist. Impatient most of the time, hence the name, he yearns to discover the magnanimity of the universe and the infinite folly of human stupidity (yep, twas Einstein's).
The Journey
He is a phantom who loves to prowl in the dark. A natural night creature who would rather sleep during the day and work at night. In his own world, he believes he is but one of the few remaining of his kind, the last of a dying breed. This is his life, his death, his afterlife. This is his journey.



BURAOT operates a web design business, offering low cost web design and web-hosting for small businesses. You can find these designs at his business website BuraotDotCom.


He started his writing career when he worked at a media outfit of a government corporation writing press releases. He then became a correspondent to both national tabloids and a major broadsheet. He now blogs in his spare time and is now working on his first novel.


He started out in his youth, when he was able to organize and mobilize a student organization from a private sectarian school in the Philippines into the very first youth organization to declare themselves socialists. He was a founding member of a nation-wide militant group and also managed one of the largest transport cooperatives in the country.

Currently, he is managing two non-profit organizations whose aim is to help his little hometown by providing services and scholarships.


Well, you know what I mean.


Ergo, We Must

GoneDo you still see the colors of the wind
The hues of the arch reaching meadows
Panoramic views of the cliff as it kisses
The ethereal mounds of the Pacific

Can you still smell the echoes of its rainbow
Its dusk as it glimmers thru empty space
Slowly as it dances with the morning fog
To the very rituals of love

Will you still touch the hands
Of time as it beckons your yearning
Multitude of summers, and winters,
And evidently… Fall

Desolated valleys plucked with berries and plum
Fading into the shadows of the obtuse
Blissful ignorance of the everyday soul
Forever cached in the recesses of mind

Gone are the comings of tides filled with dreams
The beach is now full of earthly sands
Empty are the pockets full of hopes
As lizard pouches touched the ground

The raging river within thee
Shall forever run to sea
And as dust shall turn into dust
And so Ergo,

We must.



On top of this hill, I watch the city that I have come to love.

Years ago, I was awed by its beauty, its innocence and its radiance. But today, I realized it was just like the other cities I have discovered long before it.  Just like the rest of them, it seems ordinary and overrated. Mediocre at best, I found out the hard way that, indeed, they are all the same.

Now my soul is drowning of images and ideas my mind is trying its very best to exorcise.

From where I stood, watching over my shoulder with utter indifference, is my buddy Rizal. I was surprised but proud to have found a little park in the middle of Seattle named after my very own kind. Still, his gaze made me feel like I have somebody to fraternize with, and that’s a lot to ask for.

Over the horizon I can see the sound as busy ships come and go. Unto its piers they dock and load their precious cargo, and then leave. That’s the way how it was supposed to; straightforward, no strings. Just dock, unload, load and go.  Just come and go. I wish it would be that easy. Coming and going without leaving any traces behind, without touching anybody’s lives.

Over the piers, I can see the edges of the Pacific.

Watching it reminds me of how I always loved the water. It’s the one force that is capable of bringing and sustaining life, and ironically the very same one that could end it.  And even before I discovered science, I knew from my very own subconscious that there is where I came from.

And there is where I am destined to go.

One of my friends told me that the best way to die is by drowning. She said that when and if you are finally done with your way with the world, or should it be the other way around, it would be the most peaceful way to go.

And when you are finally in the water, don’t struggle, just surrender yourself.  Let the calmness of the water fill your heart. Just let it go. The worries, the hesitations, the doubts, the resentments. Just let it go. The sufferrings, the hurt, the pains. Just let it all go.

Let it all go…

Because once you’re in the water and you’re by yourself, in the very last seconds of your pathetic miserable existence, trying to imagine the very last thing that would touch your own consciousness, there would be nothing but sheer silence. You won’t hear any cries nor any whimper, not even the ticking of the clock.

Just the beating of your own dying heart.


Slip Sliding Away

Letting GoHe was slip sliding away.

It was a dark and gloomy night and the moon was overshadowed by the vastness of the overcast enveloping the whole town. One could hardly see a few feet away, but you can hear the sounds. The music, the seagulls, the crowd.

With the help of alcohol and blues, he was trying to make the memories fade into blur. He was slip sliding away from consciousness and away from the outside world. (more…)

The Light

bat lightThe days came shorter and the nights longer.

Gone were the flowers that blossomed its way unto spring, and the bees that have sucked its sweetness that was foreboding. The waters that etches its way down to the caves of mounds to bury itself for their second coming now lies frozen like sticks suspended between the jagged leaves.

The number of doves that loved to rummage on these tiny wooden planks by the porch continues to dwindle, a simple reminder of Darwin’s indiscriminating ferocity. (more…)

The Elusive

Time Elusive

I erred. Everybody does.

Even the great one did so when he proposed his infamous cosmological constant. He must have had something.  Not in his mind- for his mind in all its greatness provided us with the greatest theory of the century- but something probably deep within his belly, something that he simply could not explain, a gutsy feeling that something was just amiss, a foreboding idea that the universe should, and needed to be, in constant equilibrium.

It was as if everything in the universe was forever unchanging. But it was not so, no. (more…)

Dreams of Ma


I awoke with the humming sound of the jet engine.

I was dozing off. I realized I was on a plane on my way back to Manila. There she was, sitting right next to me, looking somewhat surprised by the confused look on my face.

I thought about the reason that brought me here on this travel but I can’t remember. I guess at that particular time I was still half-asleep. My brain was busy trying to reboot itself while at the same time trying to remember the sordid dream. (more…)

Sulat ng Tatay


Today is Father’s Day. It had been too many years since he died. While I chose to believe I knew him well, like the rest of us who he left behind, I didn’t.

I planned to search and try to talk to whoever knew him better, and try to find whatever I could find, so I finally can tell his story, to myself. But like the rest of my plans, it just remained there, sitting in what should have been. (more…)


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