Ergo, We Must

GoneDo you still see the colors of the wind
The hues of the arch reaching meadows
Panoramic views of the cliff as it kisses
The ethereal mounds of the Pacific

Can you still smell the echoes of its rainbow
Its dusk as it glimmers thru empty space
Slowly as it dances with the morning fog
To the very rituals of love

Will you still touch the hands
Of time as it beckons your yearning
Multitude of summers, and winters,
And evidently… Fall

Desolated valleys plucked with berries and plum
Fading into the shadows of the obtuse
Blissful ignorance of the everyday soul
Forever cached in the recesses of mind

Gone are the comings of tides filled with dreams
The beach is now full of earthly sands
Empty are the pockets full of hopes
As lizard pouches touched the ground

The raging river within thee
Shall forever run to sea
And as dust shall turn into dust
And so Ergo,

We must.


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