The Matter of Conservation of Energy


A single tiny bit of particle was sitting by the shadows of a narrow and uneven gateway.

Confused and hazy from a previous collision with another particle, it creaks, it breaks, and it fixes itself up yet again. Like the celebrated pendulum of Thales, its door was swinging back and forth, side to side, seemingly boring in its endless cycle of motion and stillness.

The longer it sits there doing nothing but postulates, the greater the amount of mass it holds itself, and thus the greater energy potential. Monumental momentum.

I craved for the atoms to be split open until the very last of its core is made visible to the prying eyes of whoever would be curious enough to see them in it most exotic form. I cannot wait to finally transform it and realize what would become of it.

Ahhh, all these hidden energies. Where do they all come from? Deep within the realms of the subconscious universe full of egotistic mysteries. Buried beneath the wandering minds of the mighty explorers of the old. Immersed through eons of collective thoughts of evolved primates such us ours.

A few years back I came to realize that the only thing constant is change, mainly because change is the only thing ever permanent in this world.

But as the earth kept revolving around our sun, every day of every year, over and over and over, we would get to realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same. So what then is change?

The truth is, everything lasts forever. Because matter by nature, be it through evolution or simply by elegant design, instinctively conserves itself to live and die on to the next and back. Matter simply transforms itself over and over. Like water that turns to gas, and the gas that goes back to water form, its mass always stay the same.

Nothing is ever lost or gained.

Should things change simply for the purpose of changing? Or should they change according to to its needs? If they do change, was it for the better, or for the worse? Why change when you would know for a fact that everything eventually will go back to its original form anyway? If a particular particle decides not to change, will it be sitting still?

Funny we spend billions to satisfy our need to find a God particle, when all we need is simply a human particle capable of NOT sitting still.

 Such a void.

Cognitive Dissonance on the End of Days

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