The Days of Future Past

The more I looked upon this blank piece of molten clay, the more I try to figure what to come up with it. I was speculating into its being, trying to grasp its white essence from its grayish hue.

I wanted to mold it according to my likeness, like a doting father would want for his own. Or perhaps leave it alone, and have itself shaped by the elements, good or bad it may become.

Everyday every life, each of us yearns to go the distance, discover and explore new worlds and mingle with the universe. We go and find places and faces and we bask in the shimmering diversity like nature does itself.

The more colors we find, the more beautiful the rainbow and the sunset will be.

Yet we also discover that despite our willingness to embrace diversity, we naturally yearn and seek commonalities and find solace among them. The more complex we become, the more simple we wanted things to be. The more we try to understand the last of the last frontiers, the less we know about our inner selves. The older we become, the more childish we can ever be.

And while I try to come up of what to make of what lies before me, I realized, the same goes with pretty much a lot of things.

We wanted things all our lives. But these things differ as we grow older. These things differ as we go further. And yet, ironically, they will always stay the same. We all just wanted to be happy.

But sometimes our personal need for happiness can be sidetracked as our responsibility to make others happy becomes more and more prevalent.

And now I wonder. Wonder. Which always make matters worse. Because the more you think about it, the more you wonder about it, the more time you’re wasting on something which maybe trivial anyway. As always, procrastination is the mother of all things anti-time management.

So just do it. What happens happens. You can either make yourself happy, or somebody else’s. If you cannot make everybody win, at least somebody always wins, which is a lot better than when everybody loses.

Because when the time comes and you try to think about the days that have gone past, what matters most is that you had the guts to move your ass than just let the time sit idly by.

So, go.

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  1. kuya b!.. korek ka dyan!
    just do it na lang dapat! sayang oras..

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