The Figurative Death Star

Everytime a loved one goes to the other side we are forced beyond our will to accept not only the loss but also the realization that in the near future, however far or close it might be, we ourselves will be crossing over to the greatest of the unknowns.

We all know it’s coming, it is a given fact. The only question that remains is what to be of our own personal death star.

Just like our own sun who gives life to everything here on earth by virtue of its warmth, that has the hypothetical Nemesis which was postulated by astronomers to be part of the cycle of mass extinctions, we also have our own deadly companion just hovering around the corner of our own personal galaxy.

Its exact nature will stay forever uncertain simply because, like the Nemesis, it doesn’t have to make sense… death don’t have to make sense.

Life, for all its intents and purposes, is no foolproof. We can laugh all day and there will be no guarantee that that alone could make us certain that we ain’t gonna cry at the end of it. On the contrary, too much laughter will surely make us cry.

One day you just cross the street and for all you know, you can get hit by a running vehicle. You can also drown right in the middle of your own bath tub. Or you can trip over your own foot while walking down the stairs and you end up fracturing your skull. And despite all the free will that you can show off, you simply cannot have the option to choose to be struck by lightning or by cancer.

That is the very nature of life. That, is the cycle. You might call it vicious, but it is actually, natural. That is simply how it works. Dying is imminent. The problem lies in how we can figure out how. There is in fact, a million ways to die. But only one way to live. That is to live without worrying that you will eventually die. Because the truth is, in time, we will all do.

Besides, it is the natural law of the absolute right. We either bend over the will of nature or we die trying to bend nature. You’d probably argue, we die anyway? Well I say then, go ahead and try if you must.

Scientifically, I kind of welcome such for the fact that the knowledge of what exists beyond would finally be known. At least to me.

But make no mistake, I am not as strong as I tell myself to be. And i do not want to dehumanize death and the process of dying. I just wanted, at the very least, to give myself ample logic to welcome it when it comes staring at me at the face. That even if it borders on the melancholy and pessimism, I will have a chance to see the upside of death.

I guess what worries us most are those who will be left behind. Our fortune, our legacy, and ultimately, our family. I guess it’s just that we humans when it comes to contemplating our own mortality, the very core of our own cosnciousness makes it impossible to imagine a world without us in it.

Ready or not, once the death star decidedly turned supernova, spitting its awesome power that’s emanating from within and directly towards you, remember that it’s nature’s way of doing its final call, and it’s your time to pick up the tab.

So when the time comes for you to face your own death star, will you be ready, Luke?

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  1. I guess what worries us most are those who will be left behind. Our fortune, our legacy, and ultimately, our family–>correct 🙂 ano pa nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit takot tayong mamatay? ito lang ang alam ko..

  2. I am afraid to die and I wish to live forever. However, death is inevitable so I guess we must accept it. Pero sana lang, may notice ano para mapaghandaan. But hey, that’s not how it goes.. 🙁

  3. Tom

    The gift of life has a dark side which is death. You don’t have to be another religious to ponder on what really lies ahead after life. Is there really a life after death? Or is death the end of it all? These questions had been hunting humankind ever since the beginning of civilization. I could explain here the purpose of life and death but I prefer to keep it to myself because in this age expounding common sense would surely meet rising eyebrows, so to speak lol.

    Anyway, it is better to live and die than not to be born into this world. Life is just a temporary gift that we have to make the best of it. Tomorrow is a gift that we can never be sure.

    In summary, life has a meaning and there is a reason why we are physically subject to dying. Time will come when the whole of humanity would be united in recognizing the ONE TRUTH on everything we are afraid to ask of and on things we are short of answers.

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