My Twisted Pinkie

I broke my pinky today.

I was eating my favorite dish earlier when I heard a very cute little crack. I thought it was just some accidental discharge of unnecessary but very little emission that was part of my personal contribution to the earth’s greenhouse gases, so I just shrugged it off.

After a few minutes, one of my fingers felt like it was dipped in frozen yogurt imported from the North Pole.

Weird. And the picture didn’t give much justice.

I looked and saw that my left pinky was twisted. When I force it with my other hand it can move, otherwise, it can not by itself. It doesn’t hurt much but it certainly feels like it was wasted. I put some ice, added some sugar and lemon, and yes. Refreshingly good to take away the summer heat. Now back to my pinky, I cracked it back and forth, but still..

Twisted. Hmnn.

I was fighting the last hurrah of the current tremendously painful gout attack. So I wonder if the gout is now coming up to my upper limbs. What worries me now is that it might go up to my brain (or what’s left of it). I wanted to go to the doctor, but I’m sure he’d say it was just sprained or maybe a dislocated joint and some ice, massage and bandage would do. Or if I insist, they’ll bring me to the hospital over at the out-patient department but they might take an x-ray to have it checked for sure.

If you don’t think having your three inch pinky x-rayed isn’t funny, to me it damn is. And annoying. Who do you think I am, Paris Hilton? Geez.

I broke my pinky today.


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  1. hehe.. kuya B anu ba yan? cute nga.. kaso baka scary din yan eventually.. pa-check ka na.. pasama ka kay nicole hehe..

  2. aaaaaaaargh! boss, baka nga gout? parang ganyan ‘yung sa kasama ko dati dito sa trabaho.

  3. BURAOT (Author)

    reyapot, kakahiya naman kasi magpa check up dahil sa pinkie? weheheh.

    @jon: pwede rin nangnag gout. minsan inaatake din ako sa kamay eh. kakaiba lang talaga itong pinkie ko na bumaluktot. heheh.

  4. toni

    acupuncture at b12 kelangan mo jan.
    ewan ko lang ano sasabihin at gusto gawin ng doktor.

  5. Ouch, that hurts. I did broke one of my teeth while I was eating chocolate.
    Anyway, you should get that checked mate.

  6. ouch! that’s weird and painful all at the same time. 🙁

    get well soon kuya b.

  7. BURAOT (Author)

    hay naku snow, ayaw na talaga bumalik. baluktot na talaga pinkie ko. ngayon nga pati yung middle finger ko. in think effect ng gout. me ganun kasi, bumabaluktot talaga yung buto.

  8. aside sa pagpick ng booger at pagbilang ng sampu? ano pa ba pakinabang ng pinkie??? paputol mo na lang. lol. suggestion langpo ng tangang tulad ko…

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