Where The Hell is Buraot?

where's batman?I do apologize for my regulars who were waiting patiently for Buraot to come alive.  Same thing for those who use our entredropper page as a  jumping point to earn more entrecard credits and network other sites.

Where the hell are you Buraot?

No, I didn’t run out of ideas, I just ran out reason why I needed to write them. I didn’t run out of fuel, I just ran out of will to drive. And at the outset I asked myself,  like I always did everytime I made my mark on something, why keep going?

Must be my personality,  my own unique weirdness kicking in. That with everything that I ventured myself into, as soon as I had all the juices squeezed, I get bored. But was I really?

Or maybe I was still in vacation mode.

The last time I logged in here, I was busy chasing that  thief who stole one of my accounts.  Yes, the guy (or gal) who kept on partying at Las Vegas pizza places and who kept on shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond in Austin, Texas.  The very same person who went to North Carolina to buy a boat and the very same fellow who dined at a Red Lobster in Ontario.

It took me a while to finally catch up and put a lid off the scrupulous spending.  Tired but vindicated I awarded myself some time off.

I was off to Mexico and the Philippines. I came back almost a month ago. Then my laptop crashed. Along with it all my revered music files and the drafts for the upcoming book and all other pertinent data. Lost. Stupid me for not having back-ups.

I was still sleepy from the haze of the tropical shades and numbness of all my missing files when readers of this blog nudged me off my dreamy semi-celestial state. I never realized it had been a while  since the last time I ventured into this personal yet archaic side of the blogosphere.

All this blah. Just to let you know I’m back. Ha!



  1. Welcome back, mate. Since to see your post again.

  2. Hi Buraot,
    Please add my new site : http://www.pyred.com/ to one of your batches.
    Widget already placed, thanks.

  3. hello B,
    nice to hear from you again, btw, pwd pa ba isingit isa kong site sa drop list?
    http://www.josiesfiles.com, already added the badge, ty in advance.

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