Creating Your Own Anti-Matter

supernovaI am back in the shadows of my former elusive self.

Dazed and confused as what lies before me and the future of my galactic awakening.

The bright sunny days are like omens of what’s up ahead. Down with jitters and fears and doubts is the constant route. I fear that these challenges to prove one’s luminosity would be more like never ending episodes of space warping itself over time.

On and on to infinity and beyond.

I have planned on this trip to the stars even as I left my own personal orbit, just to catch a glimpse of the heavens I so desperately seek. Even if I had to leave behind my own charred lungs in exchange for the warm fillings of the heart. They were just physical and pretty much earthly attributes, compared to the chance to achieve metaphysical and never-ending bliss.

Here, past the known galaxies within the confines of this white hue of a star, I found my new bearings. Located just past two multiverses I idled, far beyond reach of satellite moons and blazing comets. I steadily altered my own self to prepare for the coming of Venus.

I have my own nursery of stars, beaming with potentials, ready to fill the void left behind by far distant binary systems.

It was such a galactic insult to be asked time and again if I really wanted to be here. After all, those journeys over galaxies light-years away, the question of sincerity and eagerness to be here in the now is just too hard to bear.

I bent light backwards all the way as far as physics can make it. Still, it was not too much. I had given all the power the universe had given me and more. Yet it was still not enough to create a perfect elliptical orbit.

It would be futile. A man with limited faculties and capabilities certainly cannot be chanced to perform tasks beyond the realm of possibilities, even within the limited confines of the universe. For after all, galaxies and stars are numbered. Yet ideas bound to multiply can replicate themselves over and over until the remaining zero implode outwardly and set to die in and on itself.

The ongoing formation of a relatively new star system and its orbital motion creates a constant stress of pushing and pulling that makes its stellar core so dense it might collapse under its own gravity.

It was an affront to constantly prove yourself to your own self because you would always want to outdo yourself. You’ll never gonna win, because no matter what you do, you will lose even if you win. Theoretically second-guessing yourself would be lethal because you might end up becoming your own anti-matter.

Pray that you wouldn’t, because if it ever did, you might end up biting yourself in the ass because you and your anti-matter cannot exist in the same damned space.

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