Non-Conforming With Dick Gordon

Dick GordonI was a fan of Dick Gordon, the man who they called The Flash. He was full of idealism and a natural leader. I would love to be seated next to him. I would love to catch the same breath of air that passes through his sense of national pride.

I first saw him on TV after the tragic 1990 major Luzon earthquake. He was there saving lives in the cities of Baguio and Cabanatuan. Those cities were the hardest hit with several collapsed buildings and hotels. He was then armed with his advanced SBMA units doing search and rescue operations. His efforts are rarely seen from politicians and public servants anywhere in the country. And to think that Olongapo is actually hours away from these cities makes it even more heroic.

Gordon, gadgetry, flash, hero. Who wouldn’t fancy any young guy’s idealism and imagination?

Then I saw him again during the US Bases debates. I personally advocated for the restoration of our national sovereignty and thus against the presence of the US bases in Subic and Clark. While he was on the other side, he got a compelling argument.

The economy of Olongapo and the surrounding areas are deeply dependent on these bases. And taking them out without proper plans on how to transform the bases without affecting local economies would be crucial for the local people. He knew what he wanted and he knows how to do it. The magnificent 12 wanted the bases out but lack the vision on how to transform these bases.

He, as far as I see on the national debates, has one. He was young, surrounded by young lawyers, young activists, and fresh faces. There was a new hope that springs upon his face every time I see him on TV. He was simply charismatic.

Then I came to Olongapo…

I saw organization. All were organized. From the business community down to the balut vendors and the magbobote, they all have their organizations with their matching uniforms and identifying colors.

What’s wrong with that you say? Nothing. Except that you cannot do business if you are not a member. You cannot sell balut if you are not one of them. What’s wrong again with that you say? Well, you cannot be a member if you don’t follow the rules. Ergo, if you don’t follow the rules, you are economically dead.There’s nothing wrong about having rules right?

Not if there’s only one rule. Their rules.

With all their famous agitating slogans that you can see all over Olongapo’s walls, he got one that is not so famous among Olongapenos, “Kung ayaw mo sa patakaran ko, lumayas ka ng Olongapo!”

Now it certainly makes me wonder IF he becomes President.

Political dynasties may not necessarily be bad but nepotism is at it worst here. You had no choice but the Gordons. Streets, hospitals, schools, they’re all named after the Gordons. You had no choice but whatever they say your choice would be. The congressman, the city mayor down to mere barangay councilors are all Gordons. The SBMA was also run by Dick Gordon at that time until Erap took him out. And only until recently, a Magsaysay took over the Congress position.

Public utilities were under city hall. Water, electricity, garbage. And by experience, they can use their power over these PUD’s to put anybody back in line. I knew a lot of people who got tired of voting for Gordon and guess what? They put the lights out of their businesses until they went bankrupt.

For two years, I got no job in Olongapo because I refuse to follow the rules. The main job source was the SBMA which was run by them. At that time, applicants were required to provide your voter’s ID. This is for them to map out where you vote so they can ask the barangay leader there if you are “one of them.”

For outsiders, the presence of organizations and usual unified mobilization in Olongapo shows a vibrant democratic process. Little did they know that all these are mobilized and organized only under one name, and only under one rule.

Non-conformity is strictly forbidden.

So when I first heard about the Transformers a.k.a. the Gordon-Bayani team-up, I was amused but not surprised. They simply belong together.

You see while it may seem it is but necessary to have rules and organization, in the greater scheme of things, leaving people out of options is not only dreadful, it is despotic in nature. Organization without leaving room for discourse is a democratic façade for dictatorship.

Besides, even religions give us the option to use our free will.

A Day in a Life in Gapo
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  1. I knew a lot of people who got tired of voting for Gordon and guess what? They put the lights out of their businesses until they went bankrupt.
    — where are your facts or sources to prove this claim?

    For two years, I got no job in Olongapo because I refuse to follow the rules.
    — here you see why. “i refuse to follow the rules.” rules are set in place for a reason.

    in every single thing, there is the bad that may sometimes come with the good. what would you rather have– an ordered city maintained and thriving because of the discipline that has been instilled in them, albeit forcefully? or one with democracy and free reign, which is what you would probably see in most parts of our country?

    you decide.

  2. i like him too. He did a good job.
    .-= ruthy´s last blog ..Kaye and Pehpot’s Blogversary Contest =-.

  3. BURAOT (Author)

    actually ruthy, the article is NOT in favor of Gordon. hehehe. but like we say, to each his own. di ba?

  4. BURAOT (Author)

    on opinion: i am not afraid of dissent. but at least you should be unafraid to at least put a real email address on your profile to at least put a face into it. in the blogging world, even if it can be fictitious, it can provide a sense of validity to your personality as compared to making comments anonymously.

    but of course, it does not mean your points are invalid. hence i will answer your points.

    one reason why we take anonymity seriously is that what we put up in our blog can be legally liable. ergo, we put our names and our faces behind every word we say. that means we mean what we say. otherwise, i will put an addendum saying it is NOT a fact. but said it is therefore I can back it up.

    I will not name names of who those business owners were for the sake of their privacy. It is their right you know. but I can say that in court if need be.

    regarding the rules, like I said there is nothing wrong with the rules. except that rules should be made in accordance with everybody concerned, not just by a single family. like I said I got no job because I refuse to follow the rules (it means I am not a pro-Gordon). where else can you found a discriminating job requirement like that?

    I know what you will say, take a look at Singapore, Gordon is like Lee Kuan Yew. but have we take a second look at what democracy means?

    democracy is not populism. we all know that what is popular may not necessarily good. democracy is the voice of the majority but without disenfranchising the minority. instilling discipline by force would not work simply because it would create a repulsive effect.

    a police state is despotic.

  5. whew 😀 matagal ko nang naririnig pangalan ni Gordon,pero di ako naeenganyong iboto sya.. tama ka buraot, hindi ito pro-Gordon na post… baka hindi nya binasa ng buo.. lolz
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  6. Sony

    wouldn’t it be great if the whole country will be like Olongapo where people follow the rule and people like Buraot can rant all against it without being punished or killed? I’d like to see that happen.

  7. N

    Being a pro-Gordon is a job requirement? Pls. expound on that. I’m also not particular on the rules which you say are “their rules” so I hope you shed a light on that as well.

    And: I knew a lot of people who got tired of voting for Gordon and guess what? They put the lights out of their businesses until they went bankrupt.
    – something’s amiss here. The stunt doesn’t sound smart to me. And if anything these people should have flailed their way outside of Olangapo and sought help from officials in Manila, right? I mean these are their businesses.

  8. BURAOT (Author)

    zoan: yea, di nga nya siguro nabasa ng buo.

  9. BURAOT (Author)

    Sony, pretty much in the whole country, we can do this. And it would not just be nice, it also how democracy works. If we see something bad, we can say something against it. You can call this a rant if you like.

    But you see, I didn’t block your comment even though it’s anonymous. Again, that’s how democracy works.

    But if you care to read other articles, you would be surprised to know that in Olongapo, having your opinions and rights stated publicly can be deadly too.

    And if your statement is an implied threat, sorry marami na akong death threats, hindi na yan bago.

  10. BURAOT (Author)

    N: at that time he’s running the SBMA, once you apply for a job inside the SBMA, you have to provide a copy of your voter’s ID complete with the precinct number. Why is that? Of course they would not categorically say why. But we could always deduce right.

    It is not easy to do. I am referring to small business people. The big businesspeople, sempre di basta magalaw. Demandahan lang ang abot. But the small business, they had no choice. I have this neighbor whose business is to supply power transformers. And therefore, majority of his business is with the power utility of the city, which, since it’s city owned, is managed by the Gordons.

    He ran in the local election. Unfortunately for him, not under the Gordon fold. So what happens to his business then? After election, it ran aground. Can he sue? of course not.

  11. luanne

    Sir I’ll be commenting honestly, and I do so with respect for your opinions. I just felt the need to state these things that I felt upon reading what you wrote. I hope you don’t take them wrongly. If you do, I apologize in advance.

    first, there’s something so bitter about what you wrote.

    If businesses didn’t do well, maybe it didn’t have what it took to stay too long. It doesn’t mean that there was a conspiracy of some sort. That is just paranoid thinking. or that too escapist. Businesses sometimes thrive, and more often than not, their “lights run out, and go bankrupt”. People always blame anything or anyone. the land the leaders authorities, whoever they can. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, OWN YOUR FAILURE, STAND UP AND TRY AGAIN. cause it happens.

    Maybe you didn’t get a job in Olongapo because you weren’t eligible. First, you said it yourself, you refused to follow the rules. I’m an employer, and anyone who refuses to follows rules and is even proud of it is someone I wouldn’t want to hire either.

    There are times when individualism stands out and should be encouraged, but in my opinion, when we talk about a community or the success of a society, teamwork, discipline and upholding the higher good over individual gain or ego is more important.

    So what if it is their rules, or whatever it is that you stated? The laws that they implement serve their people well. The pride for their town, of people from Olongapo, those that I have met and have heard about is unparalleled. The discipline that they have is to be envied, actually.

    “But if you care to read other articles, you would be surprised to know that in Olongapo, having your opinions and rights stated publicly can be deadly too.”
    – state proof. Serious allegations like these should have truths backing them up, as to not sound hollow and common, and just stated for the sheer purpose of bashing.

    “And if your statement is an implied threat, sorry marami na akong death threats, hindi na yan bago.”
    -no threat whatsoever in what he wrote, for what it’s worth.

    I hope you found neutrality in what I said. No offense meant if there was any taken.

    All the best sir!

  12. BURAOT (Author)


    thank you for taking the time to share something. no offense taken here.

    first, yes, there is clearly bitterness there. wouldn’t you be if your rights had been repressed?

    second, there is or maybe at least was (i don’t know if it;s still going on) discrimination when it comes to doing business in Olongapo. if we search business owners there, most of them are pro-Gordons or at least neutral. it may not seem so big a deal, but let me put it this way, if you are a businessman and you happen to support a candidate opposing Gordon, that shouldn’t be a problem right?

    i am not here to put any blame. was just trying to point out the not so obvious due to Gordon’s huge PR machinery. if we google his name, all you would see is resume. why I do have a problem with that? because a lot of people from Olongapo like me who are complaining about his dictatorial tendencies but were being ignored.

    rules are meant to provide order, and i accept that. when i said i refuse to follow the rules, it means HIS rules which is: to apply for a job, you need to present your voter’s ID. why is that? we all know why they need it. because once they found outn you voted for the other candidate, you would be denied employment.

    you ask proof? read my other articles A Day in a Life in Olongapo. if you don’t believe what I say, footages from 3rd party like GMA 7 probably would be enough.

    yes, there was an implied threat. just read between the lines.

    “wouldn’t it be great if the whole country will be like Olongapo where people follow the rule and people like Buraot can rant all against it without being punished or killed? I’d like to see that happen.”

    what was that suppose to mean, “I’d like to see that happen”? that extra phrase is not needed to justify the first sentence. quite obviously, we can “rant” without being killed. so it being a suffix is an implied threat.

    but thanks for being nice about it, even if we don’t agree.

  13. troy mamplasan

    voters id lang pala ang laki ng sama ng loob mo. pumunta ka nalang sa pnp para sa police clearance o passport napakadami ng requirements mo kay hirap makakuha pag hindi kumpleto ang papel. pag kulang, hindi aaprubahan. minsan sa trabaho pupunta ka pa sa munisipyo para kumuha ng birth cert., tapos medical etc. etc. o kung ano pang mga usual ng kailangan pag ganyan. e kung dito voters id lang ang requirement di ang dali ng buhay. at bakit their rules their rules ka pa e isa lang yun, hiningan ka lang ng requirement, na legal namang gawin nila

    wala naman atang masama kung diskresyon nila na gusto nila ng voters id kasi iba ang sinasabi ng may ganun, ibig sabihin seryosong mamamayan ka, botante ka, bumoto ka, may karapatan ka mag reklamo. hindi ka yung tulad ng ibang walang pakialam na puro reklamo nalang pero hindi naman rehistrado.

    at pare hindi naman nalalaman kung sino ang binoboto mo based sa voter’s ID. hindi naman na rerecord yung binoboto mo e. ano yun may camera? may mga kilala akong nagbenta ng boto pero yung totoong candidato naman nila ang ibinoto nila, lusot naman. requirement lang yon kahit sa ibang lugar. Dito sa bangko sa may saamin kasama yun sa possible requirements pag magbubukas ng account. walang koneksyon yon sa pag alam kung sino ang binoto mo noong nakaraang eleksyon. madaming ginagawa ang mga tao para isa isahin ang mga past vote history na tingin ko e imposibleng gawin

    “wouldn’t it be great if the whole country will be like Olongapo where people follow the rule and people like Buraot can rant all against it without being punished or killed? I’d like to see that happen.”

    -tol sinasabi lang nya na gusto nya ng lugar na may freedom of speech na totoo. Sa olongapo kasi ganun. walang koneksyon sayo maliban sa pag halimbawa sayo sa nakararaming mareklamo. tingin ko napraning ka lang.

    malay mo may kamaganak yan na napapatay noon o kahit ngayon nung ampatuan o iba pang paraan. ngayon ang pagiging journalist e delikado dito. at madaming taong pinapapatay talaga. sabi mo ikaw na mismo madaming death threat.

  14. BURAOT (Author)


    eh eng eng ka naman ata eh. di naman ako katulad mo na ipinanganak kahapon. alam natin kung bakit kelangan ng voter’s ID. hindi pa ba sapat na dahilan ang pag-a-apply ng trabaho para sbihing seryosong mamamayan ka? at pag tambay ka ba at walang trabaho ibig sabihin na nito hindi ka seryoso? ambabaw ng dahilan mo teng.

    at wala akong sinabing dahil sa voter;s ID malalaman na ang ibinoto mo. pakibasa ulet ang article. ginagamit nila ang voter;s ID to map ung saang presinto ka bumoboto. at itinatanong dun sa puro eader dun sa lugar mo kung kanino ka sumusuporta sa pulitika.

    saka hindi nga sya ang ibinoto ko eh. ibig sabihin, nakaboto ako at sempre, rehistrado. pero kung sakaling hindi, ano naman ang pakialam kung hindi? ang tanong labag yun sa huiman rights ninuman. ang maging requirement ang iyong political affiliation.

    besides, hindi iyon LANG ang requirement. isa lamang yun. nagtatanga tangahan ka lang eh. san ka ba naman mag-a-apply na iisa lang ang requirement.

    may karapatan magrekamo? wahahaha! nagpapatawa ka. sa olongapo, oo may karapatan kang magreklamo. pero pagkatapos, lagi kang lilingon sa likod mo.

    tol dun sa thearts, wala ngang ganun sa gapo eh, yun ang sinasabi ko. so anong dahilan bat nadagdag yung second sentence. sabi ko nga, i can read between the lines.

    pero sige, hindi sya threat. naoraning lang ako. pero kung naging karanasan mo ang karanasan ko sa gapo, baka mapraning ka din.

    ngayon, wag ka sanag mapraning sa mga sinasabi ko, direct to the point lang ang sinabi ko. katulad ng sinasabi ko lagi, di naman tayo lahat palaging agree sa lahat ng bagay. pero salamat sa pagpuna at pagbibigay mo ng opinyon.
    .-= BURAOT´s last blog ..The Forty-Eight List =-.

  15. Kiko

    Down in the SBMA when he was still Chairman, they would have this monthly pep talks with the new employees in the freeport–that’s where they actually lay down the rules–most of which strated with DO NOT.

    Kawawa ka if you had a moustache and dressed shabbiliy dahil sigurado papatayuin ka sa harap and will use you as a bad example for grooming.

    Nice post.

  16. BURAOT (Author)

    @Kiko: wahahaha! pero alam ko idol mo pa rin si blue. ako din naman oks sa kanya tol, problema ko lang talaga yung pagbabalewala nya sa due process at karapatan ng ibang tao. pero other than that, he’s a great leader.

  17. the_seeker

    “Down in the SBMA when he was still Chairman, they would have this monthly pep talks with the new employees in the freeport–that’s where they actually lay down the rules–most of which started with DO NOT.”
    – So, what’s wrong with this? Ayaw nyo ba ng pep talk at disiplina?

    Buraot, do you have proof that they use the voter’s id to check if pro-Gordon ka? Madali kasi gawan ng chismis nyan. Gordon has always been for citizen participation. Let’s say, ginawa yang job requirement to encourage citizen participation. Syempre, yung anti-Gordon (siguro yung mga nabangga nyang ego), magkakalat ng chismis na para daw yan ma-checheck ang boto mo.

    Sa akin lng, if Gordon is really one to resort to such ways, how come one of the first laws he drafts as Senator is a law automating the elections, which also secures the voter’s identity?

  18. BURAOT (Author)

    the seeker: like i always said, walang masama sa disiplina, in fact kailangan natin yan. pero lahat ng sobra, hindi na rin maganda. sa wento ni kiko, namamahiya sya ng tao.

    back dun sa tanong mo, yes i have. bakit ko naman sasabihin kung hindi, e di naidemanda ako ng libel. totoo naman yun. kapag ikaw identified ka na iba ang sinuportahan mo, o kaya eh political kang tao at ang pulitika mo ay taliwas sakanila, di ka mabibigyan ng trabaho.

    it is not possible to check kung sino ang ibinoto mo kapag nakita nila ang voter’s id mo. ang way nila to check is they will verify kung saang barangay ka bumoboto, saang purok, at saang presinto. once ma-established yun, tatanungin lang nila yung lider nila dun sa lugar. at knowing ang pagiging matindi nila sa monitoring, yakang yaka yun.

    but of course, yung mga walang pakelam at apolitical, pwede. lalung-lalo na yung supporters nila.

    automated elections? tingin mo naman me kinalaman yun.

  19. Gordon is a good candidate, it will be interesting how this elections will play out.
    Please drop by when you can

  20. ryan

    di k lang nabgyn ng trabaho, hitler na kagad c Gordon? andmi mo n kgd mga angal? inassess m ba ung sarili mo na competent ka at me pingaralan? hinde porke ngbblog ka e ikaw n pnkmagaling, saka e no nmn kun kunin ang voters id mo, smantalang s maynila nga andming hiningi mga id at requirements bandang huli pgtpos m mggasta ng npakalaki hinde k rin mttangap, bkit s s simpleng batas hinde k mksunod, tpos aangal ka? buraot k nga talaga ano d k aasenso nyn brad,

  21. debbie

    Buraot: Burat ka lang. Ang hindi mo maibubura ang nagawa ni gordon. since feeling mo yata na dapat maukukha lahat ng gusto mo. pala-asa ka lang. reklamador pa. eh sino bang pinag mamalaki mong kandidato? aber. simulan mo. si noynoy, villar, o gibo.

    Lahat ng mga ganitong istorya palaging nilalabas pag eleksyon na. kayat sabihin mo na kung sino ang napupusuan mong kandidato pagka-presidente? wala kang kwentong kausap.

  22. BURAOT (Author)

    debbie, oo burat ako. ganda ng language mo, babae ka pa naman. yan ay kung totoong pangalan ang ginagamit mo. at ano naman ang gusto ko aber? masama bang ipaglaban ang karapatan ng mga tao? at para sa ikaliligaya mo, wala sa mga sinabi mo ang kandidato ko. palibhasa kayo masasama ang mga isip nyo, pag nag-criticize ka akala eh me pino promote ka na agad na kandidato.

    si nick perlas ang iboboto ko.

    walang kwentang kausap? bakit sino ba kausap mo? sino ba ang nagpunta dito at nagcomment? sino ba ang nagpapapansin kanino?

    natural ilalabas ko ang istorya ko ngayon eleksyon. para malaman ng tao kung gaano kabalasubas yang amo mo.

    ngayon, napansin na kita, takbo na at magsumbong ka dun sa amo mo.
    .-= BURAOT´s last blog ..The Lords of Olongapo =-.

  23. BURAOT (Author)

    hoy ryan,

    basahin mo kaya mabuti yung nakasulat dito bago ka nagngungunguyngoy dyan. eh boplaks ka pala eh. oo maraming requirements sa pag-aaply. pero san ka naman nakakaita ng hinahanapan ng voter’s ID. kung ikaw tanga ka at di mo alam kung bakit, wag mo idamay yung iba na marunong mag-isip. bawal ang tanga sa olongapo. hindi batas yun brad, pauso lang nila. at kung hindi mo pa alam, discrimination yun. itanong mo pa sa CHR.

    at boplaks ka rin talaga, hindi mo ba naintindihan na yung ibig sabihin dito ay maraming di makapasok sa trabaho hndi lang ako.

    at hindi naman siguro ako kagaya mo na mag-aaply sa isang trabahong hindi ako qualified. ano ako, ikaw?

    kung ang mga pilipino katulad mo na kahit tinatapakan na ang karapatan, eh talagang gagaguhin lang tayo lagi ng mga trapo.

    at sorry ka, asensado na ako.
    .-= BURAOT´s last blog ..The Lords of Olongapo =-.

  24. ryan

    e gago ka pala e kun un ang gus2 ng mg eemploy sayo e bat ka aangal? ang galing mo magimbento ng kwento brad, dapat lang sayo ung slogan na bawal ang tanga at tamad, dagdagan mo pa ng inutil,kaya walang asenso ang Pilipinas dahil sa katulad mo, andmi mong reklamo, ulol!

  25. BURAOT (Author)

    hoy kung sino ka mang ryan ka, magtayo ka ng sarili mong blog. wag yung dito o inilalabas ang pagiging walang modo mo. kung ikaw ok lang sa yo yung tinatapakan ang karapatan mo, ikaw na lang bopols. kaya tayo binabalatuba ng mga trapo dahil sa mga gaya mo.

    ayaw ni godon ng ganyang tatanga tanga.

  26. Gregg

    @Buraot, Im glad na pinost mo to… nabibigyan ng linaw ang tingin ng mga tao sa mga Gordon… Well, Diba 2 years ka lang sa Gapo? at di ka nakakuha ng Work? Well, hindi kasalanan ng mga Gordon yun… at hindi lahat ng streets nakapangalan sa kanila… Pinapalabas mo ba na… Tingin ng mga Gordon, Sila na yung may-ari ng Subic? Well, if ganun nga… The answer is No… at hindi kailangan na PRO-GORDON ka para magkatrabaho ka sa Olongapo…

  27. BURAOT (Author)


    di ko maintindihan ibig mong sabihin. kung pabor o hindi ka sa mga sinasabi ko. pero hindi ako “2 years lang” sa gapo. hindi man ako “taal” na taga-gapo (which is halos lahat naman) dun na ako mula pa pagka-alis ko ng kolehiyo hanggang magkapamilya. at hanggang ngayon taga-olongapo pa rin ako.

    hindi ko pinapalabas na pag-aari ng mga gordon ang Olongapo (hindi Subic).

    sa huling sagot mo, marahil ngayon hindi na. kasi hindi na nila hawak ang SBMA. noon, uubra ka lang kung ikaw ay apolitical o supporters nila. pag identified kang kontra sa kanila, malabo.
    .-= BURAOT´s last blog ..The Lords of Olongapo =-.

  28. chuck

    I agree with buraot. Have same story. If Shareman Gordon is not your shareholder, forget going into any business in Olongapo that will compete with Shareman’s many “shared” business.

  29. fz

    is it true na walang mcdonalds sa gapo during gordon’s time

  30. BURAOT (Author)

    inside the SBMA there was McDonalds at the time of Dick, pero nagsara. Cindy’s I think belongs to them, but there was no longer a Cindy’s. and when I left Gapo, there was already a Jollibbee.
    .-= BURAOT´s last blog ..Have Gordon Created Gapo’s Culture of Fear? =-.

  31. fz

    who was the mayor when you left gapo?

  32. BURAOT (Author)

    it was still Kate. but when i left it was an election period and Bong was the one running against Bobbie F.

  33. BURAOT (Author)

    very true chuck. ask Susan Kho and Kenneth Glass, two of the investors who complained.

  34. fz

    nabasa ko yang kenneth glass na yan sa article ni padre. so it’s true.

  35. BURAOT (Author)

    fz: i had no personal knowledge. kasi at that time na nanagyayari yan, busy ako sa organizing. naririnig ko lang. pero most probabaly true. kasi ganun naman talaga ang style nina Dick noon. rally dito rally don, nire-require yung mga investors na sila rin sumama palagi which requires them to stop production sempre, tapos yung expenditures dun hinihingi sa investors.

  36. dj

    Why not try to get all the requirements and see if you can get a job? You should have at least tried rather than saying all these things without even proving that you have to be “one of them” to be employed. I can say that not all people from Olongapo that has a job are pro Gordon. And i guess you can agree with that, right?

  37. BURAOT (Author)

    dj, of course i do agree that not all are pro-Gordon. that wasn’t contrary to what i have said that one can get a job if they are apolitical or doesn’t get involve in politics or city taxes or city policies. in fact if i wanted a job, i only needed to shut my mouth.

    but that’s not the issue then. why is there such a requirement in the first place? doesn’t that strike you as odd? we can always blame it on the bureaucracy but c’mon, people are not born yesterday.

    fyi, after Gordon left, I did get a job. without giving up the info on where I vote.

  38. fz

    prinsipyo ang pinairal ni buraot. maraming tao ang wala nang ganoon. hehe

  39. hay kuya, pinagpawisan ako sa pagbabasa nito at ng mga comments.. at na-entertain ako sobra hehe… masasabi ko lang, just keep on blogging 🙂
    .-= reyapot´s last blog ..Allergy Bedding =-.

  40. BURAOT (Author)

    fz, nagkataon lang siguro na afford ko rin naman that time na walang trabaho. mayaman si mama. wahaahh!

    kawawa lang yung iba na hindi kasi no choice sila na umoo na lang.

  41. BURAOT (Author)

    reyapots, ganyan lang talaga minsan. pag me naisulat kang di gusto ng iba, mumurahin ka. kaso mga nagmumura, anonymous naman. hayyy. sino kaya ang takot kanino.

  42. grace

    buraot..wag ka nmang ganyan, ikaw na ang may sabi na sa kabila ng inaayawan mo sa kanya ay good leader nman sya.saka..kung sa ibang kandidato di ba mas may kakayahan sya na paunlarin ang bansa? undecided pa ko sa iboboto ko pero nang mabasa ko ang article na ito…napag isip isip ko na mas dapat ko syang iboto kaysa sa ibang kandidato ksi kung tutuusin..hindi nman kasing talamak ng ibang kandidato ang munting kahinaan na ito ni senator gordon e. nangingibabaw pa rin ang maraming kaayusan at magagandang bagay na nagawa nya. na mention mo nga yun d ba? sana mapatawad mo na sya

  43. fz

    mang oopress lang yan grace believe me. he’s a potential dicktator

  44. kenshin

    nakakatawa ka buraot di ka lang nakahanap nang trabaho sa SBMA grabe ka na makahimutok dyan kumpura mo naman sa sumunod sa mga nag hahanap nang work sa SBMA libo libo ang nakapag trabaho don dahil sumunod sila, dahil lang hinanapan ka ang voters id nang hihimutok ka na hahahaha sino ba bet presidentable si noynoy ba na zero performance

  45. mal_dita

    nice 1 kanya2 naman taung opini0ns mas lawakan nga lng ntin mga pg iicp ntin.hndi naman kelangn pag awayan..respeto lng ..

  46. Tristan

    to buraot:

    if you ever read the contents of this blog you’ll surely realize that you started good but irrational all along! read the comments and see how non-sense your stances were. if the people in olangapo did not welcome you that is a good thing i believe… it’s like people patronizing their own or “the FILIPINO first policy” but just exclusive to the people there… syempre they should think that way, why? tumulong ka ba sa kanila para ma-iahon ang bayan nila from the pinatubo? nagvolunteer kaba? pumasok ka lang sa subic when it was already developed, KAPAL! sa madaling salita you want things easy… sabi nga ni dick gordon, “walang kayud, walang kain.” you have to work your way up and stop complaining! i hope God will enlighten you!

  47. Batang Gapo

    Buraot, wag mo masyado pinagpapapansin yang mga iba dyan. kahit na anong ipukol nila sa yo, ayos lang yan. ang mahalaga, malaman ng mga tao ang totoo. na hindi lahat ng taga0olongapo sumasamba kay Gordon.

    na sa kabila ng magandang papogi nya sa ibang lugar, isa syang dicktador. kawawa tayong mga pilipino kung sya ay mananalo. mabuti na lang hindi. pasalamat na lang tayo.

    salamat sa katapangan mo.

  48. opinyon ko lang din

    sir, taga maynila ka ba? nagawi ka na ba sa mga eskinita nito? sa marumi,magulo at masalimuot. walang SISTEMA, eh ang mga BUS,JEEPNEY,PULIS o tindero ng YOSI may DISIPLINA ba sila? (hindi ko nilalahat)
    nakakapikon ang mga taong walang disiplina, bastos at walang modo. marami nyan sa manila pa lang. iba ibang kulay iba ibang amoy. sir sa panahon ngayon DISIPLINA at SISTEMA ang kailangan natin. tama lang na sumunod sa batas ang mga dumudura, nagtatapon/naninigarilyo sa pampublikong lugar.(kung alam man nila na may batas para doon) at kaya nag kalat ang mga pink fence, overpass sa lansangan. isang malaking plakards na nakasulat “BAWAL TUMAWID NAKAMAMATAY” pero hihimatayin ka sa dami ng nakikipag patentero kay kamatayan. kasi para kumita pa si bayani, tama?mali? malay? isa lang alam kung sagot kasi nga walang DISIPLINA at SISTEMA, wala silang RESPETO sa kapwa at bansa nila. may batas wala/kulang ang pagpapatupad. enter BAYANI!

    MUKHANG NAGKAMULAT KA NG PANAHON NI MARCOS, YAN TULOY NAGKAPHOBIA KA NA” (pasensya na po sa caps lock for emphasis lang)

    alam mo ba kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga tao sa eskwater? nakalimutan na nilang mangarap, nakuntento na sila sa isang kahig isang tuka, walang masama dun kaya lang ang sabi ni Lynda C. Corpuz sa website ni dick.

    Learn a skill. Poverty is an absence of choice. That’s why you have to continue learning. You have to learn a skill. I never tell people “good luck.” I always tell them “good skill.” Be creative. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa. God gave you skills. God will not help you if you don’t help yourself.

    Be ambitious. Umaasa tayo lagi sa tulong. Kahit anong hirap mo, you have to be ambitious. Being ambitious is not negative

    nuff said

  49. fz

    olongapo is the kingdom of the gordons. they control whole of olongapo kaya good news lang ang lumalabas. yung baho hindi umaalingasaw

  50. jm

    Salamat at na-entertain nyo akong lahat. Nakakabuwang kayo(in a feel-good kinda way). In my effort to imbibe all of this I turned to my mother and I read her the blog and asked her opinion and this is what she said: “Ganyan kagaling si Gordon!(regarding the voter’s id)Inaalam niya kung botante ka DITO(Olongapo) para nga naman syempre maypakinabang sya sayo pagdating ng eleksyon. Kaya hirap makahanap ng trabaho mga hindi rehistrado dito sa gapo, pwera na lang syempre kung may kakilala ka.” Meron pa syang hinanaing tungkol dun sa allowance ng mga Volunteers kesyo wala raw syang natanggap.

    Alam nyo (relatively speaking) OK naman dito sa gapo eh at dahil yan sa systemang pinaggagawa niang si Gordon. Nasaayos? Hmm…oo.Organisado? Naman(balut vendor palang)! Orchestrated by the Gordon family? OO! Ok na sana kaso parang sobra na kapangyarihan ng pamilya nila.


    BORN AND RAISED IN GAPO! KAYA WALA PWEDENG UMEPAL AT SABIHIN NA SAAN KO NAKUHA ANG FACTS KO!!!! SA WAKAS MERON NA RIN NAGLAKAS NA MAGSALITA NA KUNG ANO ANG TOTOO ABOUT SHAREMAN!!!! BURAOT I SALUTE YOU!!! JUST THIS GUY WHO GOT BIG CAJONES TO SPREAD THE RED CROSS ISSUE LOL!!!! hay naku yung family friend namin na fruit vendor sa gapo talagang napakalaki ng galit kay shareman dahil MANDATORY na dapat sasama sila sa lahat ng parada at pro sharemans gatherings!!!! ALAM NA NATIN KUNG ANO MANGYAYARI KAPAG DI SUMUNOD KAY LORD G! yung sinasabing BAWAL AND TANGA SA OLONGAPO hindi totoo yun sad to say maraming tanga sa aking lupang sinilangan!!! tanga na hanggang ngayon nagpapagamit sa mga taong akala nila eh diyos sila and its in their freaking BIRTHRIGHT to own OLONGAPO! akala nya siguro hindi lalabas ang baho nya hahahahahaha OLONGAPO LANG ANG KAYA MONG KONTROLIN ULUL!!!! WAG KANG UMASA NA MANANALO KA ANIMAL!!!! SANA PAGBAYARAN NG BUONG PAMILYA AT ANGKAN MO ANG KAWALANGHIYAAN NA GINAWA MO SA OLONGAPO AT SA LAHAT NG MGA TAONG PINAHIRAPAN NYO!


  52. Nikki

    You stated in your blog entry yourself that Gordon is a good leader. Not only did he rise a city from ashes but he nurtured this city and transformed it into one of the most progressive ones in the country. He established rules and he instilled in his people the discipline to follow these rules, which is a refreshing circumstance seeing that the country is running by Rule of Man instead of Rule of Law. So what if his rules are a little extreme? Did he not deliver anyway?

    You know, Mr. Buraot, in this godforsaken country where poverty is nothing new, where smog- filled air is as good as it gets, where crime pays and where corruption is second nature, the Philippines NEEDS something extreme. The country needs a fricken IRON FIST to shape up and start a change. Awang- awa na ako sa mga kababayan ko at natatakot ako para sa magiging future ng magiging anak ko. That is why, whenever I see Gordon, I smile to myself because in him, I see hope. I see a disciplined man with unswaying princples who has a vision and has the capacity to put that vision into action. He even has the track record to prove his capabilities.

    I see that his rules have been effective and that’s all that matters. I mean, pagtapon ng cigarette butt can mean imprisonment? BRAVO!!!! See how clean the streets are! Don’t whine that you don’t have a job because sir, you don’t want to follow the rules. If you want to be carefree, mag Manila ka tignan natin kung hindi mo isusuka ang lack of discipline and system ng government dun.

    If you want a retard na dinidiktahan ng pamilya? Vote for Noy. If you want a man who established himself in dirty business and politics, vote for Villar. If you want the status quo to remain, vote for Gibo. If you want a man na parang inenjection ng tranquilizer sa leeg at nagkalat na sa Malacanang, vote for Erap. If you want someone to transform this country, vote for Gordon. That’s my 2 cents.

  53. louie

    i don’t believe this. my father worked in Olongapo but he’s really from Makati during that time. Sorry, but maybe you are really not just qualified for the job you applied for. Even in Cebu, they require voter’s ID too. And if they really trace where you’ve voted, how will they know kung sinong binoto mo last election? based on memory? how about after 3 years plus pa ang dami ng tao sa isang baranggay? or do they keep your ballots? puro reklamo. i’ve met somebody before, a boss who would tell his staff to do the job before complaining bakit hindi nyo tingnan yung mga nagawa nya para sa olongapo? hanggant walang concrete evidence, everything here will be just KWENTONG KUTSERO. kung buong taga Gapo siguro ang mag-aklas laban kay Dick Gordon (referring only to Dick and not his whole clan), maniniwala pa siguro ako. Or, baka kaya di sila nagko-complain dahil kuntento naman ang mga taga gapo sa pagbabagong nangyayari sa kanila? at kayo lang ang hindi? we should not generalize na ang kasalanan ni james g. ay kasalanan din ni dick or ni jc etc. you should have exposed everything you say in Phil TV or CHR, dahil malaking pasabog yan kung may intimidation talaga jan. Siguro meron lang iba na mareklamo, kagaya nyo. but hey, you cannot please everybody. itry nyo icompare sa ibang bayan ang bayan nyo gaya ng Tarlac na nagpapatayan sa lupa. o gusto nyo din ng nagpapatayan?

  54. IndayinVA

    I have a lot of relatives living in Olongapo City and one of the big reasons they don’t like Gordon is about the allegation that during Kay Gordon’s term (?) some PhP2.5B that were collected from the residents for their electric bill was not remitted to NAPOCOR but was instead pocketted by those in office thereby incurring debt for the city. I’m looking for an article/document about this particular allegation. Is this true?

  55. Chris Sarile

    The thing is kasi, most Pinoys don’t want to ruled. Siguro dahil sa 300 years na pag sakop nang mga espanyol or dahil sa decades under martial law.. hmmm…

    If Gordon was so bad as you say he is, bakit hindi nag aalsa ang mga taga Olongapo? Ang pinoy, di talaga papayag na maging under. Ayaw magpapasakop. PROVEN NA FACT NA YUN. However, yung mga Pinoy na nakatira sa ibang bansa, nagpapasakop sila sa rules nang ibang bayan, kasi they see that FOLLOWING THE RULES ACTUALLY WORK. So bakit kaya hindi nag rarally na sa galit ang mga tao doon sa Olongapo? Despite of your complaints and conspiracy theories, YOU CAN NEVER DENY THE FACT THAT OLONGAPO IS ONE OF THE MOST PROGRESSIVE PLACES IN THE COUNTRY. People there follow the rules there and don’t rally, why? Because it obviously works! If following rules were FOR THE COMMON GOOD, people should follow. AND MIND YOU, it was not Gordon who made Olongapo successful, it was THE PEOPLE OF OLONGAPO who did. Through his leadership, sumunod ang mga tao, naging organisado. HINDI MAKAKAYA NANG ISANG TAO buhatin ang isang bayan na nagiisa, responsibilidad yan nang lahat nang mamamayan! Dick Gordon didn’t give them fish, he taught them how to fish and fend for themselves. People of Olongapo helped themselves even through the Pinatubo eruption. So hat’s off ako sa mga Olongapenyos. They have not only been blessed by a great leader in Gordon, but they have been blesses with caring hearts for one another. Imagine if the entire country could achieve this kind society… kahit man lang close to how olongapo is, malamang gaganda talaga pamumuhay nang mga tao.

    The most important priority here is to improve the lives of the Filipino. So the people can face the mirror and look at themselves with dignity.

    We complain all the time! There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Pero ang gusto ata nang mga Pinoy e dapat gawin nila ang lahat nang gusto nila.

    We had all the chances to make progress naman e so we shouldn’t complain that our rights have been held. We tried everything. We tried Marshal Law with Marcos, obviously didn’t work, people took out to the streets and complained/rallied. We got Pres. Cory and gained freedom/democracy. So we tried Democracy. Freedom. Didn’t work also and it shows up to now. We tried a “ako bahala sa inyo” president, na para sa mahirap daw siya, ginusto nang Pinoy ang artista for President. Sinubukan natin yan. Nanalo pa landslide sa election. Ano ginawa? Nangurakot! Ano nangyari sa bansa? WALA. THE FILIPINO PEOPLE HAD THE CHANCES, THEY WERE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Yet, we made the wrong choices over and over and over again.

    Now I come across a bitter blogger, bashing the only CLEAR LEADER in the pres. race because of not being able to get a job, a voter’s ID requirement and a conspiracy theory.

    REMEMBER THIS and this is for everyone: A NATION GETS A GOVERNMENT IT DESERVES. During the past years, pinakita lang nating lahat that we deserve trapos as leaders and that we deserve being poor. ALL THIS TIME, we have the power to change it. But we failed every time. Here’s another chance for us, and 6 years will have to pass so we can have the chance to choose another leader. Make this vote count. Magbasa kayo, mag research kayo.

    Read the platforms, read the agendas, watch the forums, watch the debates kung saan hindi naka maskara ang mga kandidato. And huwag mag pauto sa TV commercials na peke na pinagmumuka tayong tanga. This is our chance for change, so let the change start in us. Vote for Gordon.


    Most middle eastern countries are kingdoms. There the Kings actually rule. And yes, maraming baho dun, maraming rape and other disgusting things. Pero hindi lumalabas sa dyaryo or sa kahit anong news media. All OFWs know this, but yet they still continue to go to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Qatar, Oman etc etc to work and live there. I lived in Dubai for a fair number of years, I know a lot of people there. All of them admire the place and how peace and discipline is instilled in most citizens over there. These places are THRIVING. Dito sa pinas, lahat ilalabas sa media kahit na yung pinaka stupid na news, basta NEGATIVE news, pasok sa prime time. Are we thriving?

  56. fz

    @chris sarile
    im talking about olongapo not UK and arab nations. hindi porket may rape sa ibang lugar ay OK lang rin na may rape dito sa pinas. our people deserves to know the truth.

  57. BURAOT (Author)

    grace, matagal ko na sya pinatawad. i never personallly sued anybody from their family nor any local officials for what i got. i never sued that private hospital for refusing to treat me. i never sued that govt hospital for what they did to me. i only accepted it as part of how our politics work. trapo.

    when i said good leader i mean he’s charismatic enough to make people believe in his sense of nationalism.

    but besides excellent PR, corruption exists in the shadow. and dictatorial tendencies tend to glow as well. ang tanong lang naman lagi is this.. are we willing to sacrifice it for a sense of discipline?

    kung ang iba yes, ako, isang malaking NO.

  58. BURAOT (Author)

    kenshin: tanga ka pala eh. banat ka ng banat la ka naman alam. fyi: nagkatrabaho ako nung mawala na si Gordon sa sbma simply because hindi na ako nadiscriminate. di naman isyu ang libo libong me trabaho dahil totoo naman yun, freeport nga eh. pero libo din ang walang trabahao na taga olongapo dahil sila ay hindi pabor kay gordon. ang tanong, makatwiran ba yun?

    ang hirap sa iba sa atin, kunukunsinti natin ang discrimination.

  59. BURAOT (Author)

    thanks Maldita. respetuhan lang naman yan ng opinyon. ok din naman mag debate, wala lang bastusan kasi di ba?

  60. BURAOT (Author)

    Tristan: irrational yung blog then sasabihin mo look at the comments? patawa ka ba? baka yung mga comments ang ibig sabihin mong irrational.

    foy your information, tinaggap ako ng buong buo ng Olongapo. pero ano bang akala mo sa Olongapo, pruo Gordon lang? don’t equate the people of Olongapo with the Gordons kasi magkaiba yun.

    nag volunteer din ako, pero hindi kay Gordon. nag volunteer ako ng matagal na panahon sa mga mamamayan ng Olongapo. baka ikaw ang makapal. wala kayong ginawa kundi manggalaiti kapag may pumupuna sa amo nyo.

    kung ang mamuna ng mga mali ay kakapalan sa yo, eh magsama sama kayo ni Goron at magtayo kayo ng bagong Nazi state.

    isa pang fyi: marami pa ring mga matatandang nag volunteer ang di naman nakapagtrabaho. ginamit lang ang mga volunteer para sa kanilang interes. me budget naman yun. pero nasaan?

  61. BURAOT (Author)

    mr. opinyon: lumaki po ako sa maynila pero napunta ako sa olongapo at buong puso kong niyakap ang pagiging isang Olongapeno.

    lagi kong sinasabi, walang masama sa disiplina. walang masama mangarap. sa panahon at problema ng bansa, ang disiplina ay kailangan. ang mangarap ay kailangan. hindi tio kailanman magiging negatibo para sa akin at para sa bayan.

    alam ko na marami sa inyo ang nakikita ito kay Gordon, pero sana ay isipin at i-scrutinize muna nating maigi ang mga bagay bagay.

    isasantabi ba natin ang karapatan nating marinig sa ngalan ng disiplina? hindi ba kakayaning magkaroon ng disiplina habang patuloy nating pinalalakas ang ating karapatan?

    hindi ba tayo pwedeng mangarap ng walang kapalit?

    yan ang ambisyon. ang mangarap na kaya nating gumawa ng lider na totoong nagsisilbi sa masa. mga lider na hindi nagkukunwari.

    kaya natin yun.

  62. BURAOT (Author)


    andami mo nang sinabi, puro naman rhetorics. hehhehe. c’mon pls read my entries right. i had no problem following the rules, as long as it is right and implemented fairly. i didn’t get a job then because ayoko ng DISCRIMINATING policy that was existing at that time. now, fyi, i got a good job when Gordon was ousted simply because wala ng ganoong policy.

    Gordon, with unswaying principles? wahahah. di mo kasi kilala. kaya nga i post articles like these so people would know the real Gordon. pls don’t get swayed by media reports. di lahat ng napapanood mo sa tv ay totoo.

    and btw, wala akong pakialam kahit tawagin mong retard si noynoy dahil hindi naman sya ang kandidato ko.

  63. BURAOT (Author)

    sorry Louie, but I am very much qualified for the position I was applying for. in fact when Gordon was ousted from SBMA, I got a very good job. simply because at that time there is no more discriminating policy that was enforced.

    the purpose of the voters ID was to know where one votes. and becuase of their extensive netowrk ang monitoring agencies in olongapo, madaling malaman kung “kanino” ka. it’s easy to twist your arm that way.

    at para sa ikasasaya mo, hindi ako puro reklamo. kung ang pagpuna sa mga public officials na pinapasweldo ko bilang isang taxpayer ay mali para sa yo, aba eh medyo saliwa ata yun.

    if you will compare our public officials to bosses, medyo mali pa rin ang way natin mag-isip. it should be this way…. tayo ang boss ng mga public official, not the other way around. kaya tayo binabalatuba ng mga pulitiko, kasi tayo mismo ang sumasamba sa kanila. dapat sila ang sumunod sa atin dahil tayo pera natin ang ginagamit nila at ipinapasweldo sa kanila.

    suyurin mo kasi ang olongapo, para malaman mo ang maraming reklamo. di lang kasi nakakarating sa marami kasi wala namang PR group ang mga mamamayan.

    at ano namang kinalaman ng Tarlac dito sa kwento dito? eh di ireklamo mo din ang mga Cojuanco di naman kita pipigilan, gusto mo samahan pa kita.

  64. BURAOT (Author)

    Chris: may nakita ka na bang syudad na me nag-alsa? sa Edsa lang uso yun.

    and i’m not saying na ang buong Olongapo ayaw kay Gordon. In fact it is safe to say that majority in Olongapo like Gordon, simply for the fact na nananalo naman sila kapag eleksyon. the point in the article is that yung mga ayaw mag conform, nade-desenfranchise. which is not just wrong, but should also not happen anywhere, di lang sa gapo.

    pls stop trying to say that we complain all the time.

    first, complaining is essenstially not bad. mali kasi ang framework natin when it comes to our public officials eh. we should remember, THEY are our subordinates and we are the boss. ang ganitong maling framework ang dahilan why public officials behave the way they do.

    bitter blogger? wahahah! i don’t need a job. mayaman si mama. but how about those who suffered who cannot afford not to have a job? the point is, IT IS WRONG AND IT IS DISCRIMINATING!

    i really wish Gordon wins. simply just so at the end of his term I can say to people like you… SEE, I TOLD YOU!

  65. fz

    well…talo si Gordon.

  66. allen

    whats wrong with following the orders?bakit hirap na hirap kang gawin yun in order for you to have a job?dumayo ka sa gapo..nakita mo ang kaayusan?now u complain dahil di ka makapasok sa job…bakit kasi kailangan mo pang maging pasaway.marami akong kaibigan na nakapasok sa sbma..nag volunteer muna sila o mga kaanak nila at sila ang naging priority.masaya nman sila sa pagkakaalam ko.ikaw ang dumayo sa lugar nmin…please mag adjust ka nman.

  67. Jon

    I’ve always liked Gordon and I had tried to search for bad things about him before but I couldn’t until a friend of mine from Olongapo said the same things that you said. That lead me to googling it which is why I ended up in your blog. I read through your blog and the comments and while I’m not a good job of what is logical or not I found your voice fairly decent, only descending to rough and coarse language when someone starts it.

    However even after everything you said I still think Gordon is someone our country needs right now. While I shudder to think about what freedoms might be lost if he takes over I still feel that the discipline he can instill in our fellowmen far outweighs the cons.

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