A Day in the Life… Not Again?

FEAR-1Here they come again. I knew what I’m about to take when I decided to write personal experiences about my life in Olongapo, or at least parts of it. Heat. I’m about to take some unnecessary heat.

Of all the searches online regarding the 2010 presidentiables, presidential wannabe Richard Gordon had the most positive posts online, according to ABS-CBN reports published March 18.

They were right. In fact if you try to do a search, all you see are links to his bio and how great and wonderful the man is. Except to articles made by me here at the barrio, on my site, and by other sites who have picked up the story.

I pretty much have been going through the same experience I have had except that now, they spit on my face rather figuratively. My story’s credibility was put into question, which I don’t mind. I was asked to provide proof since the burden of proof according to one, was on me.

Well, like I said with regard to my stories, don’t take my word for it. Proof lies in the city where I came from. Motive was also asked why now, why not then? My only answer is for everybody to know the truth. And when is the better time than now that everybody might have a chance to listen.

We can argue all we want, but I never asked you who to vote for, but merely to see some truths to each and every candidate more than just what the papers say. For all we know, truths can be very much buried by excellent PR. In fact, just five days after my first article came out, another article sprung out on Phil. Star with the title “A Day in the life…”. Catchy yes?

It’s called excellent PR work.

So far, something positive have come by these articles. Readership have jumped, other sites picked it up, and heated arguments took place. And by my personal view, arguments are inherently good.

Those Gordon supporters have to celebrate as well. Because notwithstanding the negative affect of the stories (if there were any) it helped in making people talk about their candidate, and have given them a new enemy to rally the troops against, and another person to be to bullied.

While the election is heating up, some more jackos who are hiding from the closet have sprung up and came out in the open. One group of pseudo-intellectuals who split from the kabilang barrio due to “intellectual differences” had finally opened up, initially claiming and posturing to be for Money Villar and Perlas turns out to be actually for Gordon. Now look who’s talking. They even had the guts to say they were comparing substance and platforms when all you see on their site are Gordon propaganda.

Lila Shahani was right all along. With all the name-calling and bullying (imagine calling Cory Aquino a bitch) there is a connection.

Well, at least I have done my part to provide more leisurely activities here at the barrio, although nothing compares to the hate-mongering PR efforts of the utak talangka group to demolish Trixie and Reynz.

Okay, so we have something to argue about again, yes? But for all you out there who were just watching but kept on turning up the heat, I have news for you…

I got some more in store.

Have Gordon Created Gapo's Culture of Fear?
The Lords of Olongapo
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  1. He will not win. For sure. I wil bet my last singkong duling for that! Those in the Visayas and Mindanao do not know him. Besides, we do not need another Machiavellian leader! We have had enough of Marcos.
    .-= inkblots´s last blog ..WWD 2010: Clean Water for a Healthy World =-.

  2. BURAOT (Author)

    which is a good thing Ding. however, sometimes I wish he would win. just so at the end of his term I would be vindicated and would be able to say… “I told you so…”

  3. experience is the best teacher so they say, but I also read somewhere that experience of others used to teach us lessons is far better. I say we do not have to see him win and experience for ourselves. I’d be more than willing to ‘experience’ Gibo. He appears to be more brilliant anyway. Been reading you for quite some time now. Kudos and keep it up sir.
    .-= luisbatchoy´s last blog ..Got Milk? =-.

  4. BURAOT (Author)


    Gibo seems better, i am inclined to go for him if only not for Gloria who’s tainted with corruption, who’s pulling him down.
    .-= BURAOT´s last blog ..Have Gordon Created Gapo’s Culture of Fear? =-.

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