The Myth of the Invisible Storytellers

storytellersDo you see the whole picture, or read between the lines? Can you discern the pattern of words and thoughts formation that leads you to a certain pre-destined conclusion?

Are they just written syllables to fill your wandering mind? Or a well orchestrated move to stab your back and rob you blind?

Storytellers are full of talk, they’re cheap.

You could find them everywhere, but you can’t see them anywhere. Subtly, and ever so charmingly, they can suggest thoughts into our minds, mumble words into our mouths. They can move us and leave us on our tracks. They can, publicly, make us live or die.

They can be the enlightened gems of the new age or the filth-peddlers of the earth not just of the literary scene but of all humanity, depending on what stories they shove to the throats of the mass-consuming world.

With our constant need for easy and accessible information, we are setting ourselves up to digress from the right ones. There are some authentic means to verify facts, but with the presence of innumerable fallible sources, the probability to digest the wrong ones is unfortunately great.

The storytellers plant the seeds of doubt. Arguments, feuds, inciting to hate, or anything controversial, there are your usual props and suspects. Traps I call them. They can manipulate them accordingly. Depending on what idea they want your mind to wander into. It doesn’t have to make any sense at all, as long as your interest is perked.

With an eloquent vocabulary, they could make majestic descriptive terms of otherwise dull prescription of inanimate objects. They can also make dark matters glow in resonance and importance and thus make stars fade as if it never even shone.

Or they can provide a horrendous display of our unending travesty and the pitiful human tragedy; our collective greed and thirst for consuming all and beyond, and our lust for earthly needs that would inevitably lead us to anarchy and eventually, inhumanity.

They can make the present absent not by manipulating the way the light wave travels but simply by dispelling its point of existence. The vast realm of Physics and its immense theories are but no match to the compelling authority of the storytellers.

They can make the truths buried in stones while their lies triumph in the face of public mischief and mistrust. Spinning half-truths is their way of life. They control what lies within those that we all read and hear.

Pretty soon you will have to deal with them. It’s simply a matter of when, not if. Or you probably already have. The best defense is not to give them a chance. Because in this crazy world of storytellers, there are only two places you can find yourself into. Either get out of the way, or face them head on.

For they are no myth. And by fate, we are bound.

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  1. Pwede naman cguro media, they can also plant seeds of doubt.

    I made a review of your site for Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest …

    Please be my eel also that will charge me with static-electrical charge …. hehehe…
    .-= Vernz´s last blog ..CONVERSING MOM CONVERSATION =-.

  2. I love this article. The definition of the storytellers urged me to think. Is the storytellers not the artists? At least I recognized myself in your post.
    I want to discuss just one. You say “The storytellers plant the seeds of doubt.”
    Is that bad? Doubt at what?
    At times doubt in self-righteousness is the first step towards the discovery of oneself in other.
    Such words as the light has many meanings. Just think. What’s the light and where does it indwell?
    … underfoot too. We can either grieve for the dirt, or rejoice over the reflections of the heaven in the puddle due to the light.
    There is no such thing as one truth. So is it bad to doubt ?
    The storytellers are the teachers of life – the artists – which works lead us to meditation – to the comprehension of the necessity to respond to the light we enjoy personally….

    I could continue further, yet that is a bit complicated (I am writing with the dictionary in hand) thus I will be short:
    Thank you for the good article. It was the thought provoking reading. Thank you and please visit my blogs . I hope you will have a good time with my pictures on and my other art galleries on a web. Till meeting there,
    .-= Tomas´s last blog ..current affairs in artistic reflection =-.

  3. janae

    Oh, how right you are!

  4. this is true – but children could easily be trapped…
    .-= His Unfailing Love´s last blog ..Friday Photoflashback =-.

  5. Each of us is a story teller.. some might be already aware of it, while some are yet to discover it. And I guess being a story teller has levels, I think that differentiates us from one another. I don’t know if you can consider it as a talent or a skill. I am not sure if its bad or good; I guess it depends on what your goals are. I admit, at one point in my life, I was once a story teller – a bad one (big grin) – because I did it for my own personal gain.

    musta na kuya? i hope you are feeling better, no more “sumpong” ng should not be named thing 🙂
    .-= reyapot´s last blog ..Mr. Kitty Cat =-.

  6. BURAOT (Author)

    thomas, thank you for your comment, my friend. actually you are right as well. i myself am a storyteller. we all have our stories to tell. while some bring their own truths, some use their skills tof storytelling in telling lies and half-truths. i was more thinking of spin doctors when I write this article.

    but yes, even truths are not absolute. it can only be true to some and not all. and no it’s not bad to doubt or even cast doubt. it’s one way to find distinguish lies from one’s truth.

  7. BURAOT (Author)

    hello vernz, thanks for the great review.

    thanks for visiting janae.

    reyapots, winter time here, kaya madalas ang sumpong. hehehhe.

  8. just dropping by.. ayan po malapit na maging sampu ang contestants natin 🙂
    at pag di sumusumpong tay, ipangalandakan mo naman sa buong mundo ang aming contest

    ay ang galing! bagay na ang fabicon hihi

  9. BURAOT (Author)

    wehe. nga pala. sige mamya, salpak ko na.

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