Why Teddy Locsin is Pro Martial Law

joint sessionAs like the rest of millions of Filipinos outside the country, I was keenly awaiting news updates on the Maguindanao Massacre, on the Presidential Proclamation 1959 declaring Martial Law  in Maguindanao the ongoing debates in the joint session of congress.

They were supposed to revoke it, approve  or extend it.

I was watching the news on ANC when I saw Rep. Teddy Boy Locsin, Jr. and Rep. Dilangalen in a heated argument. I became a bit confused. It seems like Dilangalen was opposing the said proclamation but on the other side of the floor, Teddy Boy, from what I read from his mouth issued a sure “put#%$#mo!” obviously referring to Dilangalen.

I didn’t quite get it.

Why would Teddy Boy be so mad at Dilangalen for his alleged forum shopping? If it is forum shopping, so what? Maybe the guy really just hate martial law. I probably would do the same. I was just surprised why , of all people,  Teddy Boy would go in defense of Proclamation 1959.

I guess I  couldn’t believe that he’ll go PRO martial law.

Here’s a copy of his speech. Take it as it is.

Teodoro Locsin Jr Pro Martial Law

The Dawn of A New Life
Overkilling Maguindanao
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  5. Sam

    I was very much surprised as well when I saw Teddy Boy go pro martial law. He is one of the last people I expected to go with this grand conspiracy scheme of the administration.

  6. Don

    Batch 23

    It’s a dead domain, parked on godaddy.


  7. Don

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  8. BURAOT (Author)

    hi Don, sorry i was out. i’m updtaing the list right now. thanks!

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  11. third locsin

    hi, my name is Third, i just want to know what “buraot” means… Teddy is not a bad person…, i should know he is my dad…

  12. BURAOT (Author)

    hi third. i didn’t say your dad was bad. in fact i am a fan. like everybody else, i was surprised why he went with GMA’s martial law.

    anyhoo, buraot is a Tagalog slang for anti-social, ill-tempered, bored, stupid and pretty much anything negative.

  13. 4th

    Hi THIRD, are you sure that Ted is your dad????? Since when? Who is your mom? I believe that your alleged dad is really good, influenced only by your alleged mom. I saw them in resto and how they behave. My god! i cant believe the evil attitude of your mom, the skinny lady, she’s so matapobre!!!!! She is so uncivilized! Is your alleged mom running for politics? She has a lot of banner here in Makati area.

  14. BURAOT (Author)

    4th, they are rich. and most rich people are snob. weheheh.

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