Our Official Statement on the Maguindanao Massacre

statement on maguindanao massacreThe Barrio Siete Collective Blog was conceived with a common goal of responsible freedom of expression, radical tracing of one’s provincial roots and the upholding of democracy via the written form of communication despite of various differences and diversity among its members.

One proof of this is the fact that Barrio Siete writers consist of members with different faiths (including Islam), with different financial and legal status, with different political views, with different ideologies, with different citizenship and with different principles in life.

Simply put it, we firmly believe in the spirit of Democracy in diversity armed with responsibility and civility. We consider ourselves as citizen journalist with Imbalanced News and Biased Views, precisely because we are not professional journalists. But despite of this we still try our very best to always present the two faces, if not, multiple faces on an issue. We are writers armed with “passion” to express what we believe in — FREEDOM and TRUTH.

But the recent Massacre in Maguindanao which murdered journalists, innocent civilians and political supporters including women threatened this same Freedom and Truth we are upholding in our blog. We are alarmed and appalled at the same time by the horrific and ghastly expression of usurpation of power and the lawlessness in our society by the very same people in the position who have sworn to protect us.

With this we at Barrio Siete dare to assume, given the circumstances of events, that implies lack of action and haste from our Philippine Government to bring to justice the men behind the attack, that Killing of innocent Lives for the sake of Staying in Power is utterly wrong, shameful and intrinsically evil.

We, the unified and solid bloggers and writers of Barrio Siete publicly condemn this gruesome ungodly act against freedom of speech and democracy in the strongest possible term.

Thus, with disgust and indignation and in support to all journalists around the world, we call on the Philippine Government under the administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to:

1. STOP negotiating with the alleged suspects under the guise of Sec. Dureza and arrest those who are responsible under the burden of proof found on the scene of the crime, circumstantial evidence or otherwise, including the testimony of several witnesses. We also ask the immediate preventive relief of the people implicated on the crime, so as not to influence the on-going investigation.

2. STOP issuing statements from the Palace mouthpieces but instead ACT on the case and bring to justice the alleged perpetrators. We ask the immediate placement of the area under Comelec control.

3. STOP and break all political ties on allies in the name of fairness

4. ABOLISH all private armies on all sides of political affinity


The implication of this massacre does not only involve journalists working on the mainstream media, but also on ordinary Filipino citizens, innocent people who are commonly called citizen journalists, and currently maintains 2 million blogs to date.

The lack of action from the Government is sending the wrong signal of tolerance and god forbid, might be repeated in the near future under a different name, different location and a different number of human lives wasted by diabolical inclination to gag freedom with the use of terror.

We ask all Filipino Bloggers, collective or individual otherwise, to make a stand against annihilation of the innocent, and uphold basic human rights to life and freedom of speech.

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  1. Jaime Juarez

    This massacre is by part fault of Pres.Arroyo.She gave too much power to the Ampatuans in Maguindanao by way of adhering to dirty politics and blessings for the Ampatuans to initiate cheating in past elections and also authorized them to have their private armies on hand.Four days had passed but still there were no positive developments achieved to bring those evil murderers to justice.To GMA,her family and supporters,wala na talaga kayong hiya.We all hope the international community join the majority of the Filipino people to condemn this heinous incident but also condemn Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as protector of this cowards and treacherous political clan of Maguindanao Province,the Ampatuans.

  2. Paul Martinez

    Dear Madam President,

    We humbly and respectfully request your attention on the recent mass murder in Maguindanao. I know you are very busy right now in fulfilling your vision for economic growth, but right now, I think the clamor for justice merits your kind attention. With sincerity I wish to declare: PUTANG INA KA ARROYO!!! How I wish it was you and your traitor gang members who were slaughtered. We put you in power because we thought a US educated woman president will not betray the Filipino people. BULL SHIT!!! Huwag kang pakita sa akin dito sa Cebu baka mapuno ang convoy mo ng basag na mga itlog!!!

  3. And no VIP treatment to the suspect! it’s so obvious they didn’t even handcuffed the suspect.

  4. Farranoidia

    I hope this was not a badly executed plan of the administration to bring instability to the country, declare martial law, and cancel election.

    Its surprising that all involved in the Crime are under the employ of the government: CAFGU, police, mayor, backhoe driver…

    Maybe they planned all along to blame the MILF for the supposed disappearance of the convoy. They may have hidden the dirty plan from the military, that’s why the effort to hide the evidence failed when the military rushed to the scene.

    But then again, I hope I’m wrong.

  5. farranoidia

    Remember, these Ampatuans are politicians. We know what politicians are, they are shrewd and calculating manipulators and not irrational rambos. If I’m the mayor or governor of the land, do you think I will gamble my future miserably without any safety net or assurance of protection from higher echelon?

    The first assignment of the Ampatuans which was to bring votes for Arroyo was a stunning success (thru cheating of course). Perhaps the second assigment was to make her stay in power.


  6. Farranoidia

    Oh, before I forget, the Maguindanao massacre is just one part of an overall plan. Mayor Ampatuan is just trying to implement his part of the deal. The master plan is known as ‘Oplan August Moon’ which was said to kick-off between August and December 2009. The massacre has the signature of Oplan August Moon. You can call me conspiracy theorist, but they are right on schedule.

  7. BURAOT (Author)

    Jaime, quite obviously, ang bulok na sistema ang naging dahilan at umuusbong ang ganitong uri ng mga tao. Malaki rin ang ambag ni Arroyo dito dahil ang mga Ampatuan ang nagbigay ng milyong milyong boto sa kanya na malinaw naman na dinaya lang din.

  8. BURAOT (Author)

    Paul, di ba malakas yang si Arroyo sa Cebu? Pero sempre di naman lahat ng taga Cebu pabor. At natural lang na mapapamura ka talaga sa mga nangyayari.

    Josie, ano pa nga ba? Hirap sa atin pag may kapit, VIP. Kahit na ganito ka grabeng krimen, VIP pa rin.

    Farranoia, me punto ka. Sana naman hindi kasi grabeng tindi naman ng ginawa nila, pumatay ng maraming inosente? Sana nga mali ka.

  9. Paul Martinez

    Here in Cebu, my dog can run against Gloria and win.

  10. Paul Martinez

    You should understand that the support given by the Cebuanos to Gloria in the past was due to the endorsement of trustworthy leaders like Cory, Cardinal Sin, and Chief Justice Davide (Besides, we don’t believe that movie stars should run the country). Unfortunately, we became witnesses of grave corruption by the Administration not only in the national scene but in the local level. Here in Cebu, Gloria worked with the Garcias in stealing millions if not billions of pesos. The ombudsman here is one of the most hated person in Cebu because he kept on shielding these ‘honorable’ thieves. By the way, the Garcia’s controlled Sunstar Daily, a newspaper that kept on painting a good image of the administration.

  11. BURAOT (Author)

    Paul, yes her initial support came from those personalities and even with the broader civil society as well. But her win against FPJ was marred by cheatings in Maguindanao (thanks to the Ampatuans) and of course solid backing from Cebu bigwigs.

  12. Paul Martinez

    Right, she was supported by Cebu bigwigs because Cebuano’s simply don’t think acting has anything to do with the real world of sacrifice and suffering. We think of actors as self-centered people who seek glory and popularity without doing any sensible work except tempting the populace towards sensuality and immorality thereby sending married men to other women and making prostitution a cottage industry at the expense of the family. That’s why Erap lost here, while FPJ did not fascinate the Cebuano vote either. But that support for Arroyo waned after that election.

  13. Rachel


    Looking back to what had happened , it’s really TRAUMATIC to each and everyone of us,when PEOPLE WITHOUT CONSCIENCE can do such a GRUESOME/BARBARIC CRIME.As a woman myself, what they have done to the women-victims were INJUSTICE BEYOND WORDS.They all died because of people that have been so GREEDY WITH POWER .Whoever have orchestrated and have done this MUST PAY TO THEIR LAST DROP OF BLOOD.There must be more buried in their area ,if it wasn’t a blown up news- they’ll belonged to people that have been buried to unknown locations and the bereaved families that have lost their kins,friends will forever never see even their very bones.JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL,no one is excused for committing such a crime that shocked the whole world.It’s sad because not all people here in Mindanao are as HEARTLESS as those that have done it.We are PEACE LOVING AND HARDWORKING PEOPLE that just want to live in a PEACEFUL/CRIME-FREE ENVIRONMENT.Due to this ,our Mindanao will be SCARRED FOR LIFE and some people now thought that it’s unsafe to go here.
    I have lived here for 41 years,my grandfather have never left our place – even died here ,because for him he had found the LAND OF PROMISE .He has chosen to live here with his family because he was charmed by the place,he served as the 1st Vice Mayor of a city here and he’ll always tell us that wherever we go we’ll always go back here in Mindanao.He has befriended Muslim clans because he got a farm planted with palm oil somewhere in Sultan Kudarat.There were tough times during his early years staying on that area but what had happened in Maguindanao was perhaps the worst in the history for it involved innocent people /hardworking people/women that were killed for a WHIM.
    Everyone here wants JUSTICE for what they have caused us all.We all fear for our lives if these people can’t be all caught .They must pay for the crimes they have committed.
    I do hope that there’ll be more evidences leading to the downfall of the people behind this UNFORGIVABLE CRIME OF A LIFETIME.
    Praying for the bereaved families that they must find ways in accepting what had happened to their loved ones,for us living here in Mindanao,that we’ll be protected from abusive /heartless people that terrorizes our peaceful lives.
    We must be vigilant at all times,because we never know what happens next.
    Thanking people that have done their very best/worked hard to come out with an analysis that can be very vital/useful to unveil the REAL TRUTH behind this RUTHLESS CRIME.

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