Messing With Politics

matchfireThe initial plan when I set-up this new site was to combine my different blogs into one hybrid site. As much as it would be better to do separate sites for different niches, practical matters needed to be considered.

Feature stories and literary writing was at the forefront of this site. Steady traffic was provided by the Entredropper script developed by my friend and tech guru KotsengKuba. Technically speaking, there are still lots of stuff that need improvement here.

Content-wise, I still don’t want to write anything for the sake of writing. Although posting articles regularly would do better for my pagerank and the search engine bots.

Most of the time, writing is a breeze when I’m into it. Like when suddenly you feel the urge to write, or for some reason found something that would inspire you to write.

Writing about politics and current events had become an item that needed to be acted upon. It had been sitting on my to-do-list for quite sometime. I never had a chance to mess with it again.

Most of the time, issues would be so huge that everybody’s talking about it. Since I always wanted to be different, I kind of try to move away from the bandwagon. Sometimes I just wanted to make sure what my take was on issues first before actually dabbing myself any further.

The thing is, all this time I was keeping myself at a certain distance. In my effort to drive away from the bandwagon, the onslaught of the crowd eager to join have trampled me even further.

This is to let you guys know that for personal convenience and practical purposes, I am permanently shelving my political sites, The Antisocial and Ibangon ang Bayan and would include articles that you don’t see here everyday.

I will now be messing with politics. Just so you know.

A Twisted Case of Reward and Punishment
The Last of A Dying Breed

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  1. ei! manny paquiao, is dat u? hehehe… joke lang bro…

    antayin natin yan 🙂

    reyapot’s last blog post..Picture Moments with Ains and Iya

  2. Hi,
    I am new to the blogging world.I have added your 300 entrecard drop widget. I’d like to be added to your list of quick entrecard drops.

    Thanks for the great initiative.

    chatterbox’s last blog post..The Magic of Love

  3. BURAOT (Author)

    heheh. reyapots, actualy dun sa isang site ko puro politics talaga nisusulat ko. dito ko nba isasalpak ksi la na me time mag-update ng maraming blogs. heheh.

    chatterbox, thanks. i already added your site, it’s on batch #28. thanks for joining.

  4. kuya kita ko nga din yun hehe.. pero mas madalas ako dalaw dito keysa iba blogs mo 😀 di ko lam kung baket..pero naeenjoy ko din si kulapo 🙂

  5. BURAOT (Author)

    oks lang reyapots, kahit saan. hehehhe.

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