A Twisted Case of Reward and Punishment

reward and punishmentAs a Filipino working on a distant land, I am very much biased when it comes to fellow OFWs. Some people in the country look at us with joy, pride and gratitude for our collective part in the national economy. Some people from the bourgeoisie and hard-line nationalists view us as traitors and arrogant for leaving the country behind.

But that’s another matter.

What made me revel in those lines of thoughts was the recent case of May Vecina, the Filipina domestic helper who killed a 7 year old child In Kuwait. I was not aware of the case until my friend notified me about it and showed me the Inquirer story.

With the help of the Philippine government, they were able to get a full pardon for her. She was initially given a death sentence in May of 2008. It was then commuted to life imprisonment July 2008, and now, a full pardon.

She is now back in the Philippines with a hero-like welcome. The government would give her 10,000 pesos cash assistance and an extra 50,000 loan to start a small business. Scholarships for her kids are on the table as well.

Talk about a twisted case of reward and punishment.

Sure, as most sad stories of our kababayans working abroad, she must have suffered emotional and physical stress at work. Her employers might have been abusive. One might probably be justified in killing his/her employer in self-defense, or in some cases, they get raped by their employer so they retaliate and kill them.

But killing an innocent 7 year old? I don’t think so.

What if we are on the other side of the story? What if it was a Filipina child murdered by a non-Filipino? I bet the whole country would raise hell.

Surely the efforts of the Philippine government in helping out Vecina should be commended, but actually rewarding her with scholarships and cash assistance? That would be a slap in the face for those migrants languishing in jail for the crimes they did not commit and for those who have suffered and are continuously suffering abuses at the hands of their foreign employers.

And while I may have my personal biases, Vecina’s action is in no way justified and the government’s treatment only shows their unending effort at self-promotion.

Instead of politicking and making pogi points, our government should extend more efforts to help out other migrants who really needed the help they truly deserve.

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  1. Buraot, we may not be able to dig out, blog and react to the stories of the millions of OFWs all over the world but exposing one story at a time surely makes an impact of awareness as well.

    I commend your insights. I just pray that Filipinos look back to their roots, that we belong to the brown race, the race of Lapu Lapu, Rizal, Bonifacio, among others. And like them, raise the bar of being Filipino by dedicating their lives to the betterment of the Philippines and their countrymen, whether they are in the Philippines and more so if they are outside the Philippines.

    And notwithstanding my already lengthy yadda yadda yadda, i’m posting another link to the story of one OFW, Mildred Perez, who by the way, is already back home in the Philippines.


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  2. politics! yun na.

    kotsengkuba’s last blog post..Makahiya, the unglorified flower

  3. How true Buraot. Justice is also knowing what is right and wrong. It is never justified to kill a child.

  4. I can’t understand the mind of these government people, saving a child killer for the sake of self promotion, ahh the world is getting crazy everyday

  5. i so agree with you. how can someone kill an innocent child and then still get a heroes welcome.



    nobe’s last blog post..LIKE I DID

  6. BURAOT (Author)

    Ms.Gab, thanks for this info. We are proud to be Pinoy. thank you for sharing me the inquirer story. the case of mildred, I saw it on TFC a while back but since I wrote about Vecina, I will write about her as well.

    kotsengkuba, pulitika talaga no? ang mali ginagawang tama, ang tama ginagawang mali.

    Jena, exactly. It’s about what is right and wrong.

    Josie, yup. I am not demonizing Vecina, just saying that she definitely does not deserve a hero’s welcome. But you’re right, she did kill a child.

    nobe, only in the philippines.

  7. I was once an OFW but not now and worked in Kuwait for long years. Based on my experience dealing with domestic helpers that landed in our hospital, then you would pity to them on how they are treated with their employers. You can’t blame them for acting this way as they are mentally incapable of judging from right or wrong. I also visited the embassy in Kuwait and had a chance to talk to the domestic helpers who seek refuged and they are not treated well by the embassy staff. We used to give them food and clothing as there was none available in the premises. It was crowded and maltreated again by the staff.

    My point is, Vecina is acting to defend herself towards her ruthless employer. If you only know how demonic some of them towards their helpers, then you will say, she’s doing the right thing. They don’t enough energy and strength to work under pressure as they don’t have enough sleep and no food to eat. We praised them for their escape, some made it and some landed on broken bones but it’s fine than living in a house of horror. The male employer would beat and rape the helper while the wife would beat her and tortured her. Judging for killing the innocent child, there will be so many angles that will arise. Either something happened to the child and blamed her or making story to deem her responsible of the death, we don’t know.

    For the government, yes, I do agree with you that pangpogi points lang yan. Why not offering it before, why just now?

    Rolly’s last blog post..Wimbledon, Here I Come

  8. BURAOT (Author)

    Rolly, i agree when you say our domestic helpers are one of the most abused. I have seen some of them myself, and in pity of my fellow kababayans, I wanted to kill those bastards myself.

    But you see, all of us knew the dangers when we go abroad. We all have heard the stories of abuses long before we decided to take a chance. Like most of us, bahala na. I’m not saying bec. we knew in advance na there’s a big chance na maabuso tayo, ok lang kasi alam naman natin. NO. What I’m saying is we should have prepared ourselves. It’s always hard to judge somebody unless you have been on the same place. And I can NOT in any way judge May Vecina on what make her kill the child.

    Maybe, sa sobrang abuso, mentally di na nya nakita ang tama sa mali. To be brutal, she should have killed the person/s who is/are abusing her and not the child. Kasi kahit kelan di naman justified yun. Pwera na nga lang kung may insanity issues involved.

    Imagine kung lahat ng mga batang arabo papatayin natin kapalit ng pang-aabuso ng kanilang magulang?

    Regarding sa gobyerno? Wala ka naman maaasahan dyan kundi pulitika. Let’s give credit to where it is due, yun lang naman.

    Salamat sa iyong comment.

  9. e batet ba e mag eeleksyon na? e ano ngayon kung pumatay sya ng batang bata at inosenteng pitong taon gulang, ang importante napalaya sya at un na..pogi points na naman..

    nakakakulo ng dugo ang mga ganitong klaseng balita..

    Make or Break

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  10. BURAOT (Author)

    pehpots, ika nga ni Rolly, maraming pwedeng dahilan bakit nya nagawa yun. kainis lang talaga yang gobyerno kasi puro pogi points lang alam..

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