The Cold Remains

the fogGone was winter, and summer’s almost here. But despite the southern warmer weather, the northern cold still remains…

Once again, the slightly greenish haze went down the cascades of the everglades, its humid vapor condenses slowly and its frozen tentacles reaching across the hills and straight right through me.

When it’s warm it can get warm, which I am really fond of. But when it’s cold, it gets really cold, carrying an endless shower of bitter arctic breeze and oftentimes shooting those thunderous kinds of bland sarcasms.

The temperature outside is in its seventies, enough to trickle some drops of sweat. But the coldness within made a teardrop froze in mid-air. And when it finally hit the cheeks it actually ricocheted straight to the carpeted floor, all the while leaving the flesh jagged and torn.

I tried my best not to shiver. Not even the ragged old pillow beside me would do it, so I just hugged myself. At least when I hugged myself, I can hug myself back. I looked at the other side of the coastline, only to see the moist and coldness enveloping that part of the border.

I closed my still-sleepy eyes and tried catching more zzzs but wasn’t lucky enough. I tried unsuccessfully to shrug it off my now-restless mind and perturbed senses. But at that time my view of the world within me had become monochromatic it didn’t make any sense anymore. I felt claustrophobic that I had no choice but to get some fresh albeit warm air somewhere.

I instantly missed my chocolate flavored pipe cigar. If not for that thing that shalt not be named I still should have been making love to it. That familiar aromatic wisps of smoke that fills my nostrils and calms and soothes my flustered nerves.

But I’ve been there done that. I don’t want to go back to my past and restart to where I left off. It just doesn’t work that way.

Gone was winter, but not for good. I still am hoping for its comeback. Despite the sickness and personal setbacks that the cold winter had bequeathed me, I still adore it better than anything else. I don’t know why and I can’t explain how. I just do.

Don’t ask, just listen. Don’t think, just feel. Don’t utter a word, just put your cold arms around me.

At least on winter, the external climate chill could easily mask away the one that’s frozen within.

The Last of A Dying Breed
Beauty Needs No Reason
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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting me so often. Am visiting you and EC dropping.

    Would you like to participate in passing Awards out? Anyway, I will also mention your site name. haven’t got time to do it yet, perhaps tonight. So, either I will let you know when I post it for you to grab the 2 Awards, or you can just pay me a visit again late tonight to check, if the Awards are there, just grab them, okK

    Have a great weekend. Cheers!

    Lily Arbee’s last blog post..LATEST NEWS RECEIVED FROM ENTRECARD

  2. This post give me that “cold” feeling of being numb and indifferent, totally apathetic. I hope not for your sake and mine too.

    You know that chilling feeling of “nothingness” . It’s an eerie feeling. I wish I could just feel hatred or dislike than this particular feeling of being sucked into a vacuum.

    Being frozen within is a nasty feeling. This is a very “sentient” post.

    Jena Isle’s last blog post..Poets and Poems

  3. That should read : “This post GIVES me that “cold” feeling of being numb and indifferent,…”

  4. BURAOT (Author)

    Lily, sure. I will definitely check it out. Thanks!

    Jena, yup i hate this kind of feeling. It makes you feel insignificant.

  5. I admire you. really.

  6. “At least on winter, the external climate chill could easily mask away the one that’s frozen within.”


    lunarhemizphere’s last blog post..What Love is to Me

  7. BURAOT (Author)

    hello lunarhemisphere, thank you for the compliments. i’ve been to your site too and you write rather well too. also very poetic.

  8. Hello Buraot,

    Your story is up at gewgaw writings:

    Thanks for the contribution.

  9. BURAOT (Author)

    no Jena, thank you!

  10. musta bro? isa na namang makabagbag-damdaming post ito.. love the last line 🙂 saka yung “missing your chocolate flavored pipe cigar”… i know the feeling bro.. kung ikaw cigar.. ako alak 🙂 whehehe… bawal na ako gawa nung prob ko with my tummy.. di lang alam ng doc that i’m smoking (hehehe… bait ko noh, di ko sinasabi)… but soon.. i feel.. i know.. pati yun ipagkakait na nila sa akin…

    mas depressing kaya yung feeling nung na-dedepress ka and u don’t have “means” to release it.. yosi at alak pa naman ang fave means ko 😀

    reyapot’s last blog post..1st Pinoy Kid to Win U.S. Kids Golf Championship

  11. maidagdag ko lang bro.. it is nice and comforting to know that there’s someone out there who still have and experiences “moments” like this.. and “thinks” like this… u know what i mean bro? 🙂 there are moments kasi when i feel na kakaiba ako sa kanila 😀 and some of them don’t understand.. they can’t understand..

    u r blessed bro.. for having the talent to express your thoughts, sentiments – yourself in a very good, creative manner… i wish i have that talent too.. 🙂

    reyapot’s last blog post..May 2009 Top EntreCard Droppers

  12. BURAOT (Author)

    reyapot, nga. sarap ng nagyoyosi habang nag-iisip. kundi lang ako me sakitchupoy, tatabako ako ulit.

    anyhoo, tol, we are of the same breed.. a dying breed.

  13. korek ka dyan bro.. hayz…

    bro may post ako sa EMOTERA, didikeyted por u 🙂

    Idol ko si Buraot!


    reyapot’s last blog post..Idol Ko Si Buraot

  14. emmy

    You really miss her. Just like what she say if cant get out just get on with it. Hope you’ll be happy with her.

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