Beauty Needs No Reason

nebulaOn my middle aged quest to find meaning, I turned to astronomy.

The heavenly blue skies ended where the emptiness of space started. There lies my physical limitations and began jump-starting my imaginations. Where will we be in the near future? Can we travel to distant galaxies and still find meaning?

I didn’t find meaning but I did found ethereal beauty, the indescribable beauty of the heavenly bodies. Be it a mindful creation of a magnanimous being, an unbelievable accident caused by mere chance, or a billion year process of evolution, I simply don’t care.

You know sometimes, you don’t have to know the exact reason for its being to admire something that is truly and exquisitely beautiful.

I watched as billions of particles try to enter the edges of the atmosphere. I could see endless flickering atoms bounce  back to where they came from… back to the emptiness within.

I saw how one massive black hole swagger its cosmic might, walloping all the stars and galaxies into oblivion, sucking them all past event horizon… only to spit them all out to where they originally came from… to the vacuums of infinite space.

The thousands of known asteroids and comets came flying by, like a multitude of little girls in a ballet performance of gigantic proportions, dancing to a muffed symphony of classical music.

I watched as galaxies collide and stars explode and created an energy so massive I wouldn’t even dare  imagine its possibilities. It was all so complex yet looked so simple religion tried to underscore it, science is still working on it, and  philosophy couldn’t quite describe it.

Poetry…. only poetry can.

Just like the regular dude, I first found poetry kind of gay. The chauvinist and discriminating man inside of me created such stereotypical images of people who are into poetry. I tried to hide it. But I felt unreal. I was a hypocrite.

I didn’t know I love it until astronomy led me to its discovery…

Like astronomy, it tickles and amuses my brain, the way my mind works for those hidden meanings for uttered lavishly intricate words. Like walking past the bushes all the way to the garden maze of the evergreens. Like trying to measure the presence of dark matters, it would never cease to unravel new meanings, new mysteries.

Like the heavens, it arouses my senses, the way my lips utter elegantly patterned syllables of each and every verse. Like trying to discern the intricate but distinct smell of each and every flower on a hot summer day. Like figuring out a way to comprehend the concept of multiple universes, it would eventually fill our minds until they explode and be part of the natural world.

Poetry, yes, poetry…  only poetry can describe such beauty.

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  1. wow! just a thought…did you really see the vastness of space through some kind of telescope o eto’y imahinasyon mo lang tol 🙂

    Just the same, this piece is brilliant. Kudos!

    pinkoy’s last blog post..What’s wrong with Hayden?

  2. BURAOT (Author)

    hay naku pinkoy.. i wish i don’t have to worry about petty worldly things so I could concentrate on things that I really love.. astronomy being one of them.

    sempre, imbento ko lang yun simply by looking at those pictures… hehehhe.

  3. dati pangit din ang impression ko sa mga taong inclined sa pagsusulat pero noong lumaon eh nahilig din ako sa pagsusulat..siguro dahil may mga bagay na pilit natin gustong maintindihan o maabot na sa pagsusulat o pagbabasa lang natin mauunawaan.. 😀

    waah..did i make sense?

    jeremiah’s last blog post..pasensya na…

  4. Hello Buraot,

    Thanks for the contributions. Indeed, the vastness and wonder that is the universe is one reason why I believe in the existence of God. How could it be , that the earth is exactly the right distance from the sun? that all planets rotate around the sun in an organized fashion, if not for on supernatural being?

    A post that should be perused thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.

    Jena Isle’s last blog post.."The Day We Touched the Sun" – 19th Story for the Inspirational Book

  5. BURAOT (Author)

    jeremiah, yep. it makes sense. may mga bagay na nung una ayaw natin. pero once makilala natin at mas makita natin yung deeper meaning nito, bagay man o tao or whatever, we fell in love with it.

    Jena, i myself don’t believe in accidents. everytime I look at the heavens, i can’t help but wonder that there must be some higher forces at work. Thanks.

  6. Maldiveslive

    It is really beautiful. Beauty comes from god.

  7. This is beautifully written. 🙂

    Hawaiian Cruise

    Happy Thoughts’s last blog post..Yummy Sugar Toast for Merienda

  8. BURAOT (Author)

    thanks maldives and happy thoughts…

  9. I can feel the passion in your writings..galing talaga!

    lunarhemizphere’s last blog post..What Love is to Me

  10. BURAOT (Author)

    again thanks lei.. kaw din naman galing magsulat..

  11. agree ako dyan bro.. only poetry can 🙂
    di lang beauty describe poetry ha.. sa akin kasi, lenggwahe (language) ko yun eh… language ng alter-ego ko 🙂

    saka songs din, poetry na may melody 🙂

    reyapot’s last blog post..1st Pinoy Kid to Win U.S. Kids Golf Championship

  12. BURAOT (Author)

    oo naman, poetry at saka sempre music.. music is a kind of poetry din naman..

  13. Nice…

    brainteaser’s last blog post..Winnowing

  14. BURAOT (Author)


  15. hmmm … kala ko this post will be all about beauty na yung skin-deep lang.. hahaha iba pala… mabuti at iba.. at dahil naging poet ka, gay ka na? ganon? hehehe
    .-= zoan´s last blog ..I Am Buraot – The Review =-.

  16. BURAOT (Author)

    weheheh. lahat naman ng tao, may both feminine and masculine chromosomes di ba. heheh.

  17. rose

    lee: No wonder your poetic… XD =p

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