I Should Have Taken The Blue Pill

choicesDuring the entire course of my life I have faced the most formidable things there can be: choices. I have had to face it, not once, not twice, but so many times I could hardly remember.

Why do we have to choose? Why do we have to ponder deeply, and waste so much time, effort and precious energy to such a lamentable task?

Why can’t we just be the fabled Filipino slacker and wait for the apple to fall off a tree and straight into our mouth? Why can’t we let things go on its natural course and wait?

While a lot of us proudly say that we ourselves make our own decisions, that we alone chart the course of our lives, along the way someone or something makes the decisions for us. That whatever choice we make, we’ll end up on the same space. It certainly makes me wonder why the hell we had to choose in the first place.

Some choices are a no-brainer. Some are not. But the things that we mostly don’t usually see, is that there are no wrong decisions. It could be as painful as can be, or as easy as one two three. But as long as it is what you really want, it would always be the right one.

Easy does it? Not so fast Jose, for there lies the devil’s trick. The trick is, or the real question is, what do you really want? It is figuring out what we really want that is a personal task that is quite monumental than the decision that goes long after it.

Most of the time, we thought we knew what we really wanted in life. Only to figure out later that we actually don’t. And long after we thought life’s mysteries have been unfolded, we  will finally realize that all along, we are still trying to figure it all out.

Or maybe it truly is what we wanted at that time. Things change, people change. The world would never stop turning. And with our inherent will to survive along these external forces beyond our control, we, whether we like it or not, will continue to change.

Yes you could take the blue pill and stay with the matrix-dominated life standards of mediocrity. But of course you will stay on the proven and safe confines of known emotional space.

Or you could take the red pill and free yourself from the bondage of obscurity and into the real world of life, death, and adventure. But the anguish, and the sufferings and the constant insecurity will go alongside infinite physical pains.

You could either choose to be in a dreamland or in a real land. Happiness or security. One cannot have both, one cannot choose both.

And that’s just too bad wasn’t it?

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  1. lam mo bro tingin ko lang ha, yung mga choices na ginagawa natin, it defines us… it defines life…
    and yung question on what we really want in life – yun ang mystery… and it also measures our faith and values… ay di pala measures… mas tama yatang “test” of faith and values…

    pag wala silang lahat.. parang walang buhay…

    reyapot’s last blog post..Gastroscopy and Cancer

  2. BURAOT (Author)

    oo naman, reyapots. kahit mahirap, we have to face it kasi yun ang ingredients na nagpapasarap ng buhay. hehehhe.

  3. hay naku bro.. mahiwaga talaga ang buhay at ang pag discover ng meaning at purpose nito…

    nabasa/napanood mo na ba yung The Secret?

    ngayon ko lang kasi sya pinapanood (pira-piraso ko pinapanuod kasi parang di ko ma-grasp agad, hehehe…)

    parang lalo akong napa-isip about life after watching it (kahit katiting pa lang napanood ko)
    i’m trying not to get more confuse kung anu ba ang gusto ko sa buhay.. and how i’m going to approach/live life.. hayz… di ko nga alam kung dapat ko bang itigil na eh 😀

    reyapot’s last blog post..1st Pinoy Kid to Win U.S. Kids Golf Championship

  4. BURAOT (Author)

    the Secret? di pa. pero ise search ko..

  5. check mo bro.. may book saka may video copy din.. the secret by rhonda byrne..

    reyapot’s last blog post..Idol Ko Si Buraot

  6. BURAOT (Author)


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