Buraot Must Die

evolveI tried to rearrange things. My fragmented thoughts, unsettled mind, unbalanced life. I still am trying to pick up the pieces. Shattered dreams, hopelessness, and the battle with pessimism.

Honestly, I do not know where to start…

Life itself is overrated. Hyped up and glorified like a wonder drug you often see on commercials. Death on the other hand is way way low. Like talking about it makes one feel such a loser, not worthy of what life has to offer.

The existing norm was to strive, pick up the pace, be more competitive, and get ahead of the pack. That was to be expected. Evolve or die.

It is not, however, a walk in the park. No smooth sailing there. No quick fixes. No fix-your-life-for-dummies kind of book. You can search wikipedia all your life if you wanted to, but you could find no self-help there.

The sad truth is, you could find that the journey through life is much more than bumpy. Once you’re off to a rough start, you will eventually find it more and more complicated than the origin of life itself. Rocket science is way easier.

Enjoy the ride. That is what everybody says. But what about the destination? Are we heading right into oblivion? Can I just merge myself into other dimensions of a parallel universe? Or just like the rest, I just have to keep on surviving. Stick it out with this agonizing miserable human existence.

Perfection is such an impossible feat. The person who invented such a word is such a first grade idealist who is out of touch with reality. For we live in an imperfect world. And striving for perfection, like what I had done my whole life, is like searching for butterflies in the desert.

I was ready for life. I thought it was waiting for me to come, for me to pick up the pace, and lead it to perfection and never-ending bliss. But it was not ready for me.

Now, just like the rest of the pack, I must evolve… or die.

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  1. hi my friends, please added my blog to the list of entredropper in here, ur widget is added in my blog

    shiela’s last blog post..Five errors sport

  2. clementine

    You have always been searching and searching…..and searching. Try to be a realist this time.

  3. BURAOT (Author)

    hi shiela, i will add it right away. thanks for joining.

    clementine, this is not a search, it’s a culmination of a search, the realization that i needed to evolve.

  4. indeed life is overrated…

  5. BURAOT (Author)

    exactly schizo…

  6. Roy

    “rocket science is easier”

    humorous, but true…

    I can really relate to your post…

    life is hard as it is… but we know, it could get harder

    it’s not really pessimism… it’s the truth

    Roy’s last blog post..May Top 10 ka na ba?

  7. BURAOT (Author)

    yeah Roy, I read you’ve been the same situation as mine, glad you’re over it.

  8. amen bro… amen… sapul…

    (galing mo talaga magsulat kapatid.. i wish i can express myself and write like that… from expression to form/structure… perfect [oopss, no such thing nga pala… the best na lng, hehe…] pero serioso bro, galing mo talaga mag express at magsulat)

    [singit]: naniniwala ka bang may parallel univ? naiisip ko din minsan yan.. lalo na nung binabasa ko yung hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.nabasa mo na ba yun?

    reyapot’s last blog post..Never Be The Same

  9. BURAOT (Author)

    hi reyapots, sowee kinain ni akismet yung comme nt mo. hehehhe. tenkyu tenkyu. parallel universe? i am inclined to believe that. baka nga multiverse pa eh. hayaan mo pag naligaw ako sa isang blackhole, ikukwento ko sa yo. hehehhe.

  10. kaya pala ganun… akala ko i-momoderate mo pa eh…hehehe…

    balitaan mo ako ha 🙂

    reyapot’s last blog post..Never Be The Same

  11. BURAOT (Author)

    heheh. oo ba. yun eh kung buo pa ko. wahahaaha!

  12. The article is ver good. Write please more

  13. BURAOT (Author)

    thanks Katty.

  14. The thought of death and getting old frightens me. But I love your article. Dark yet sensible.

    Snow’s last blog post..Bloggery Buzz of the Week (06.15.2009)

  15. BURAOT (Author)

    hi snow.. actually i am getting there. i hate getting old. lols.

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