The Insult Greater Than Chip Tsao’s


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Yes, I was pissed with his article. But I don’t blame Chip Tsao. He who loves to write satire, though his love of it that does not guarantee that he’s good at it, just wanted to make a point.

The way I understood, as I try to grasp the essence of his piece, is that it is mainly about the disputed Spratlys and not about the Filipina maids. It was more of his country’s bullying smaller nations, and less of the plight of thousands of underpaid but well-educated Flipina domestic helpers.

Like what my journalist friend said when I reacted violently to Chip Tsao’s satirical piece, we Filipinos had our own brand of stereotyping ourselves. And we are not less guilty…

I don’t blame him simply because he’s Chinese. And I mean no racial undertone when I say he is. I just wanted to emphasize the economic and cultural differences here.

He’s rich enough not to have suffered the humiliation of having a master’s degree and yet had to work overseas merely cleaning toilets and literally wiping someone else’s ass. He’s lucky enough not to leave his own family members behind for years just to earn a living, most of the time in the worst of places, in subhuman working conditions, 17 hours a day.

And with his ignorance on the sensitivities of the Filipino people, he didn’t just successfully portrayed Chinese arrogance over the Spratlys conflict, he also exposed his own. And he had angered the Filipino nation in general, whom he called nation of servants, and the overseas Filipino workers in particular.

Again, I had to remind myself that his piece clearly missed its mark. Instead of us talking about the Spratlys, now here we are talking about him being an arrogant son of a bitch for calling us a nation of servants.

A nation, unfortunately, that was of our own making, and not of Chip Tsao’s.

Poor guy. But we are poorer than he is. So poor are we that we as a nation have brought ourselves into this. And as much as we want to blame our government for the slump we’re in, all we can blame is ourselves.

For at the end of all the arguments, we are the ones who put them in power. And as long as we keep on putting leaders that are corrupt, that are keen on making our country economically bankrupt, the insults will never end.

And worst of all, the insults would keep on coming… from ourselves.

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