Arrogance and Ignorance on the Spratlys Islands

15-conflict-resolutionFirst Part of a Series

I wasn’t keen on reacting to satirical pieces made by journalists as long as it is made with class. A joke sometimes creates something more meaningful than just a dose of laughter. It is art imitating life and thus the creator had nothing to do but become the messenger of what he or she sees.

It is the collective burden of the readers and the society as a whole to distinctively see the social irony that was wrapped in silly soliloquy.

But as a realist, I always argue the nature of writers as carrier of his/her own biases. That however or no matter how hard we try to become objective, there will come an issue that we, capable of thought and reasoning and feelings, will become subjective without even knowing it.

And I see that we writers are humans capable of errors of judgment.

I also am fond of “in your face” bluntness, hard hitting but nevertheless honest articles that ticks you off but without any hint of hypocrisy typical of those trying to be famous self-indulged “nationalists” of sort.

It is therefore my reasons for loving satire: I found it naturally sensual yet funny, blunt yet intellectual, anti-establishment and revolutionary.

But Chip Tsao’s article that pissed off a lot of Filipinos, including me, was a satirical piece with no class. Not only was his piece ill-conceived, it was also culturally insensitive at best.

Instead of providing the readers the irony of highly educated Filipinos working as maids, he had angered the collective sensibilities of all Filipinos working abroad, thus clearly showing his lack of intellect on the subject.

While the piece was classless, and I obviously angered, I can see his message in the big picture.

The overlapping jurisdiction on the Spratlys group of islands, the Chinese military dominance in the South China Sea, and the grim prospect of war over oil.

The paranoid me sensed not just a distasteful satire, but more of a drum roll for something even more obnoxious than just a stupid article capable of offending a nation.

It seems like someone is testing the waters….

(To be continued…. The Crude Awakening)

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  1. hmmm… may punto ka dyan bro… baka may binabalak na kakaiba ang mga maliliit ang kita na mga taong yan (maliit kita kasi singkit, whehehe…)

    reyapot’s last blog post..March 2009 Top 10 Entre Card Droppers

  2. BURAOT (Author)

    tingin ko lang naman. di naman aabot sa malaking conflict. baka sila ang balak mag flex ng muscles…

  3. I still ave to read that article and decide whether I get pissed off as well… AM Filipino so I will see what is within this very controversial article.

    As you said, and as I read around, “Chip Tsao’s article that pissed off a lot of Filipinos” so I’ll see…

    Webbielady’s last blog post..The Big Difference: Why Filipinos Are Mostly in Debt?

  4. Now am back after reading the article. Thanks for the link you gave. I don’t get pissed just like that. On first glance, the statement is provocative but readers should have an open mind as well. Instead of barking back, I think the better way is to face that it is a “reality” and start from within… improve within… with the help of the government. Inded the fact that there are a lot of “house helpers” in other countries that are Filipinos is a big thing to be considered. Why can’t we self-sustain? Why do we have to rely from abroad? If government has probelm supporting it’s own population, at least make something to limit children production in the country! Especially those children who are 90% surely would be the burden of society…. those sure beggars, sure futureless… maybe it’s obvious enough to be seen in the slums and in the streets in many Philippine cities.

    Webbielady’s last blog post..How She Wish She Could Stay…

  5. BURAOT (Author)

    webbielady, i myslef usally don’t get pissed off by satires and sarcastic comments about my fellow Pinoys and my country.

    remember, the desperate housewives, and the one comedy sitcom from England, and others… i find them at least to be annoying but not insulting. this chip tsao article is obviously a satire but insensitive.

    but yes, we should see the bigger picture in everything. and in this case, it’s the spratlys dispute and the baseline law.. these are what we should look at more closely..

  6. Yay! This Spratlys topic is one tenured topic I should say…it’s been ages since I last heard of this and to have this included in some satirical topic is reliving the old flame…

    mina’s last blog post..This is my Grip

  7. BURAOT (Author)

    exactly… this is really old. but that was the main thing that was discussed on that infamous satire, although di masyado napansin kasi mas nakita yung issue ng “nation of servants” due to of course, our sensibilities.

    but speaking of this thing, almost all of the Arroyo government’s dealings with China (ZTE, etc) issue of spratlys would come up, and apparently or allegedly, our gov’t was conceding parts of the spratlys to China in exchange of anomalous contracts.

    Recently, Phil. congress had passed a law called “baseline law” that discusses this issue. i have yet to read it.

    That’s why the timing of the satire is suspect.

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