Heaven and Hell and in Between

heaven and hellI was in a coma, a self-induced medical necessity to keep my body frozen. In my file lies a randomly assigned number that identifies my face. I was somehow trapped here. At least for a while… I hope.

My fingers are crossed…

Help is nowhere in sight. The chance of staying frozen in this cryptic chamber forever is relatively high. Its probability, almost certain.

I dare not call my kindred. For I already banished them, banished myself away from them. Countless times they have asked me to come back to the fold. The ancient one kept begging me to let go of my travesty, say goodbye to my never ending journey.

Stubborn as I was, I continuously refused. This is my life and my body, I opined. My journey to face my own self is not yet over. It wouldn’t for a thousand more years to come. The hunger that my human body feels to recklessly find its long lost soul is so much stronger than ever. Nothing can stop me. Not even a certain death.

I was in a deep sleep. Slumbered like a decaying carcass of a body. Much like a sitting rotten duck, almost dead but not quite. A willing prey to an unwilling predator. I am still waiting for her, my angel of death,  to come… I wish.

My voices were shattered. I could hear the deafening murmurs of my minions, my own band of loyal soldiers, faithful lieutenants, and lifelong friends. The echoes of their whispers are a cacophony of muted voices of fears, worries and doubts on my prevailing circumstance. All of them waiting for me to extend my barely noticeable hands… what were left of it. I could feel the anxiety in their combined senses. I could actually see their hearts bleed.

None of them would want me to crossover.

Fate is such a childish thing. It was meant for fools. But destiny, however way I try not to believe in such a ridiculous human idea, had brought me here, to these inevitable corners of life, death and in between. Hope is nigh.

Heaven and hell.. and in between…. I am now all in.

A Quandary of Cosmic Proportion
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  1. hello kuya!! aba…site mo pala toh… parang nanibago ako…hehe


  2. BURAOT (Author)

    hi josh, yup i opened it this january. heheh. seryoso kasi dito.

  3. deep words. deep you. nice.nice.

    lunarhemizphere’s last blog post..What Love is to Me

  4. BURAOT (Author)

    hhehehe. i was in deep s#@t.

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