The Flight to Mars and Back

bumpy flightsI was so relieved when the plane landed.

After more than sixteen hours on the plane and a six-hour layover in Seoul, I was very much ready for a bed. Without much legroom to find on economy class, I think my arthritis had gotten worse.

I wondered if somehow I could fly first class next time. Yeah right, I said to myself.

The plane was still moving but the passengers were already off their feet, scrambling for the overhead cabins to retrieve their carry-ons, they couldn’t wait to get off. I would like to join the ruckus myself, if only for the other passenger next to me who was blocking my way. He was still dozing off. I don’t want to be rude and wake him up just yet. He was sleeping the whole time I guess he was so tired and didn’t know sleep ‘til he found this flight.

For sure he wouldn’t know the difference if ever our pilot decided to land on Mars.

The flight was a little jumpy. There were many unexpected twists and turns, a lot of rough spots on the way that made one passenger pray. Several times, we were like slip sliding in the air then a small shudder would follow then… a sudden drop. It made me feel just like when I rode that Tower of Horror in Disneyland. The pilot said it was due to high turbulence. I thought he was just practicing to be an astronaut.

But over-all it wasn’t that bad. Pretty much like my life, I suppose. Honestly, I wasn’t worried. I am confident that I’m not gonna die yet.Hey, life is a free roller-coaster ride.

The female stewards were nice. Well… okay! They were not just nice, they were gorgeous. Unlike Philippine Airlines, who used to have beautiful women on board, this carrier have flight attendants who look like the ones you see on TV commercials. I am not saying current PAL attendants are ugly, all I’m saying is, they used to have gorgeous and beautiful model-type flight attendants. Not anymore.

I don’t know if it’s because some other airlines pay more and took them or maybe the pilots themselves already flew most of them home. Hmnnn… I think there was a sinister plot to get  rid of PAL’s hot and gorgeous flight attendants. Maybe I should ask… no not Erap, but Lucio Tan. Better to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

I remember when I was growing up, the girls back then all wanted to become a flight steward so they could travel the globe. These days they all want to become nurses abroad. But please don’t get me wrong. I fly mainly to get from A to B, not to meet women. It was just simply refreshing to see beautiful faces smiling at you and ready to assist you in case you couldn’t find your seat when you get too drunk with the free cheap alcohol they provide on the flight. Or the way their eyes eagerly look at you when you eat that exotic you-had-no-idea foreign food that they serve and you had no choice but try it because you’re just too hungry.

Or the way they give you a drop of spit-sized mineral water in a cup when you’re thirsty and you just had to say, “thank you, may I have some more, please?” Still you couldn’t complain because they were just so fine and dandy. Well, too bad I’m already taken. I meant  for them.

My ticket, which wasn’t fully paid yet, was two-way. That means I will have to get through this again on my way back. After a couple of weeks, I will come back, and who knows, maybe I’ll end up with the same crew.

Maybe next time we’ll be lucky enough to finally end up on Mars.

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  1. Ey Ross! How are you na! Ganda naman nitong bagong bahay mo! As usual you still got it dude…ganda ng mga posts mo! Nga pala, may maganda rin akong award para sa yo. Punta ka naman ha Lam mo namang pagdating sa great content, idol kita hehe…

    See you there 🙂

  2. Planet Mars is a fascinating planet. Who knows, we’ll finally see it one day! ^_^

  3. BURAOT (Author)

    Rhon: langya kaw. wahahahhah! ibrinodcast mo name ko. heheheh. buti wala pa masyado suki dito. hehehh. ok lang, para me clue sila. heheheh. sige pasyal ako dun. oist andyan na sa drop batch yung blogs mo ha?

    snow: i wish i’m still alive when we’ll eventually colonize it. 😉

  4. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW 🙂

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