Comparatively Insignificant

veil nebulaThe moon was one of my favorite heavenly bodies. Every night driving to work, every chance I get, I wouldn’t miss taking a glimpse of her. She is one of my prime energy sources. Looking at her from a distance makes me feel confident and full.

Every single time….

The night owl, the night creature, the inner vampire in me just had this thing with the moon. This special bond will always be there. A pint of blood and I guess I’ll be a full-blooded vampire or perhaps a werewolf. I might even be a hybrid.

Too bad I missed that night’s event, when the earth’s gloom overshadowed that of the sunlight’s reflection off the surface of the moon. That was another total eclipse. It should have given me with so much energy that I don’t have to scour the earth endlessly for a month.

During the old ages, they consider this event ominous. Up to now, superstition led us to believe that this is like a sign. I happen to believe otherwise.

This eclipse, like the rest of the endless phenomena happening in and out of our universe, shows the complexity and beauty of creation and evolution, whichever you may fancy. Instead of idleness and monotony, it allows us see the dynamism of the world we live in.

Instead of just death, it shows us life, death and rebirth. The rewards of the afterlife, our chance to plan and dictate our own rebirth… or the chance to live and die all over again based on our own karma, until we reach our own nirvana… until we finally become one with the universe.

This notion of life, death and rebirth is I believe what  draws us close to religions.

Like what Carl Sagan always say, we are made of star stuff. Stars explode and make new stars. New stars implode and create a new nursery of stars. These stars create universes and solar systems and planets and moons. Planets make a place to nurture life. Life ends and planets die. Solar systems collapse as well as stars.

It goes on and on that we can never be certain if we are indeed the only civilization in the universe that had the chance to develop the technology and the capacity to create a highly advanced world. We might not be the first, but we certainly won’t be the last.

When our civilization crumbles to the ground, life would still be there. It might not be the same kind of life as we know it, but believe me.. it will be there.

Now as I gaze at the warm afterglow of the moon and what seem to be bright little sparkles of tears that were the stars, I kept on trying to imagine the vastness and the enormity of it all.

I try to put myself on the other end of the galaxy and look back at this pale blue dot, this tiny piece of bluish rock, suspended within a cloud of colorful hues of enormous gasses..

And once again I thought, I and the rest of my minion, plainly, will always be …

Comparatively insignificant.

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  1. Nice your blog and link exchange.

  2. the beauty and mystery of the universe….

  3. BURAOT (Author)

    @lhwayuda: sure thing.

    @pokwang: so much beauty… tenkyu sa dalaw..

  4. hello, i am now an official enredropper! count me in your list!

    cheers, snow ^_^

  5. yikes! why is your blog appears as my last post! *shock*

  6. BURAOT (Author)

    thank you for the support snow. actualy andun ka na sa list. heheh. nasa batch 9.

    nyeks. bat nga blog ko ang nasa last post mo? heheheh. sowee. medyo dami pang mga small things na dapat ayusin sa blog ko. even yung entredropper page, ilang araw ko na sinisilip, laging nagdodoble yung sidebar.

  7. Wow tol so deep as in.

    Last night there was supposed to be an eclipse here in the Philippines at 8:30 pm but when we (our family) went otside, the skies are coverd with clouds on the horizon were the moon rise and in the opposite direction the sky as clear and stars appear. few minutes later the entire sky was covered with clouds and we didnt see the eclipse. Thats why I hate our province when it comes to stargazing, laging may ulap because of Banahaw. Not suitable for astronomical activities. darn sobrang excited pa naman ako pag may mga eclipse. feeling ko tutubuan ako ng pangil.

    anyhow, last month I think last week ng january, I saw the most beautiful moon and star combination. Kita kasi sa upuan ko ang sky dahil tapat ng computer table ko ang pinto ng kwarto papunta sa terrace kung saan kita ang kalangitan.

    The star was resting on the crescent moon just like what we see in flags. ang galing. kung may camera lang ako kinuhan ko na sana ng pic

  8. BURAOT (Author)

    heheh. bluep, i love stargazing. kung medyo bata bata pa ko at me pera, i would love to go back to universities and study these. personally, nature gives me a natural high.

    plus sempre, when i write, it is mostly of stuff that i like the most, at sempre, laging me hidden meanings. heheheh.

  9. I love gazing at the moon too and most especially the stars. I love the nights when the dark skies are just brimming with bling-blings. I remember the time when I spent 3 nights in Bohol and I was so amazed when I saw the blazing moon in all its fiery red glory. I have never seen such a magnificent sight. Then last Feb 9, there was a Lunar Eclipse (which I didn’t see because it was too darn cloudy in the Metro). For the last 3 days, I’ve always been gazing at the moon while on my way home because it was so full, radiant and mysterious.

    The universe is so enormous. I am simply a speck.

  10. BURAOT (Author)

    our time… i mean now is the best time to get out of the big cities and stay in the suburbs… nagsawa na rin ako sa Manila kaya mas type ko na lang sa mga outskirts..

    yung probinsita pero abot ng technology. mas simple, less stress, at sempre me stargazing…

    i would love to go to bohol. di pa ko nakarating jan. siguro pag nagbakasyon ako pinas, bisita ako dyan.

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