The Simple Life

springtimeIt used to be so simple. I always dreamed of a life that is devoid of all complexities.

Having a very colorful but complicated life as a young adult, I have had more experiences than the average dude that I think those would be more than enough to reminisce about when and if I decided to settle down.

Too many relationships, none serious. Too many parties, not enough nights. Too much alcohol, so little common sense. It was too fast, too little time kind of way. The kind of sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll type of life.

So it was hard to picture my settled down life quite differently from my life as a bachelor in a big city.

I never planned on settling down. At least not until I reach forty. But I was hoping that when I do, I would like it to be the end of all the intricacies of my previous lives. Unlike the famous rock stars who would have wanted to burn out than fade away, I prefer to fade away from the limelight and stay out of the radar, keep myself low key until my time to face my own angel of death.

Drop off the kids to school, practice my culinary skills, read a good book, maybe a few hours at the garden, and maybe think of the old days. Laid back, simple, relaxing, stress-free.

But like almost everything, as far as I am concerned, it came in early. Life came at me fast. Still in college, I had a daughter. And it changed everything. And it was good. I never anticipated it, but it was rather good. The first few years were hard but nevertheless fulfilling. And simple. That was what I wanted. Then came two more kids who were Godsend.

But as it is, as most parents would, I worry endlessly about the future. I would have preferred to stay with my kids. But I had to go away. For their own good. At least that was my justification for working overseas. But there is a big downside… they get to grow up without me.

Yes they have their own cell phones, their PSP’s and other new gizmos. But no dad to help them with homework, no dad to pick them up from school, no dad to defend them from bullies, no dad to accompany them on school affairs. I know they are missing their dad, as I am constantly missing them, thinking about them.

Now I kept on wondering if I made the right decision.  Ahhh…. I wish it could be that simple. But it always never is, always never was… and I guess it never will be.

Simplicity as we know it, is simply much more than I can afford.

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  1. Life is indeed simple until you compare your ‘possessions’ to others…

    As for settling down, don’t worry – you’ll know when it’s time.

  2. shet..parang ako lang ang nagsalita! Mahirap mawalay sa mga anak pero mas mahirap eh yung nakikita mo silang kapos dahil sa wala kang maibigay o kapos ang iyong naibibigay…


    p0kw4ng’s last blog post..Hamburg,Hauptbahnhof

  3. BURAOT (Author)

    @snow: simple lang naman talaga. kaso the more advanced ang society, the more nagiging complicated.

    @pokwang: marami tayo sister, dahil gusto natin sila bigyan ng better future, ganito, malayo sa pamilya.

  4. The decision you actually make would almost never be the right decision right away. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. But if you always keep in touch with your kids, and you are always in their lives, you would have made a difference in their lives, and that is what counts.

    Have a great weekend,

    C.G. Salgado


  5. bago ba ito kuya? ang cuteness! ito ba ang “the other side of buraot?”.

    It used to be so simple. I always dreamed of a life that is devoid of all complexities.- YAN ANG GUSTO NG LAHAT NG TAONG MAY KUMPLIKADONG BUHAY. KATULAD KO. 🙂

    joshmarie’s last blog post..PAREHO KAMI NI OBAMA!

  6. BURAOT (Author)

    Hi C.G. You’re right. But even with technology, iba pa rin yung physicaly andun ka sa tabi nila. Most parents na katulad ko would always just hope na sana paglaki nila, they would understand.

  7. BURAOT (Author)

    josh: heheh. yep. bagong site. pero same me, katulad nung mga articles ko dun saibang blogs ko, maliban from AnakniKulapo of course.

    magulo din buhay mo? hehehehhe.

  8. yes, life used to be simple,
    until i went to school, met people,
    ridiculed my being one purita
    so, i strived to be one of them
    so ridicules would stop
    i know i’m not alone
    in this ridiculously simple life no more

  9. BURAOT (Author)

    hay naku reynz, preho tayo. minsan nga, ibabalandra ko dun sa Kulapo site ko yung roots ko. mala baryo syete din kase.

  10. life ain’t fair, you really have to compromise and make sacrifice most of the time. in the end, it’s the smile and love and warmth that you see in your loved ones’ eyes that make all the difference…that make you happy and say to yourself that, you made the right choice in the first place. 🙂

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  11. BURAOT (Author)

    edelweiza: exactly… life ain’t fair.

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