The Drive

the road less travelledThe past year was my most challenging one so far. I was driving through life, beneath the figurative dark clouds and storms and all that. Stubborn as I was, and having no choice at all, I kept on driving.

I just kept on driving.

I was driving to work when I started learning new tongues. I then realized there is more than just the language that I needed to learn. I had to meet the people, the culture.

Now I yearn to go to distant lands and travel. Armed with my very limited foreign vocabulary, I plan on learning them firsthand.

On a traffic stop, I chanced upon a long lost friend who showed me the way to blogging. With it, and just like my friend, I rediscovered my long forgotten passion for writing. Consequently, I had to learn the basic stuff of web publishing. Most of the time, instead of simply writing, I always am entangled with updating widgets and the techie stuff that now it pains me when a day will pass that I haven’t had written anything at all.

Besides the technical stuff that I once considered geeky, I now experience the thing that I thought was alien to me, writer’s block.

The elaborate and massive but still congested California freeways led me to become familiar with the courts last year. Not because of my legal studies, but because of my incurred and seemingly endless moving traffic violations. I also realized that if you act like an arrogant prick inside a courtroom, the judge would send you to jail right away. As if a god majestically anchored in his bench wearing his powerful and mighty robe, he would come down at you glistening with a murderous look that would hit you faster than you could utter the words “yes your honor.” Even if you are only guilty of a minor traffic infraction.

I also saw that if you act stupid but innocently enough, you can pay your way out, paying fines that can be paid not right away, but in time. Mostly in a year. Even if you are guilty of driving without a license and without an insurance.

Well, it is pretty much like an 18 year old who, by law, is not allowed to buy alcohol but who is, coincidentally, legally allowed to purchase a gun. I guess sometimes, logic eludes me that I needed to shake my head several times.

Driving myself out of my incursions, I also experienced going to another school that most people dreaded ever so dearly. Traffic school. I was there several times that the instructor already knew which parts of my car needed replacing.

I also had a chance to buy my dream car. But before the year was finally over, it became a helluva wrecked dream of a car. I think it was the years’ last but quintessentially ominous sign of how I was driving not just my car, but also my life. Like it was that one final push, the ultimate surge, the final touch.

Maybe it was just the one final joke the heavens are giving me. If it was, it sure made me laugh. I laughed so hard that I never knew I was one-step away from certain death. It should have been my final journey, my last trip.

Nevertheless, I knew better than that. And that was the whole point of my amusement. Not that I am concerned, I just I knew it wasn’t my time. At least not yet. Besides, I have avoided meeting my angel of death numerous times that I don’t care anymore. I do know she is just around the corner though. Waiting….waiting… and hell, waiting.

Well, she could wait forever for all I care. I have planned to live forever. And I will die trying.

We all drive through life. This is our journey. Accidents we may call it, but if your time is up, you could either fight for it, or just face it and take it like a man. No worries, I will still push through with my planned road trip this year. You see, I wanted to go at it every year. Maybe I’ll drive as far as the East Coast this time. Or maybe head south across the Mexican border, I don’t care. As long as I drive.

Like what I did last year, I will continue driving, wherever the road might take me. Roadblocks are not an obstacle, I have faced them head-on before, and I, BURAOT, will do it again.

I am driving through life, and this is my ride.

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  1. The only differences between the two of us are these

    1. you are married
    2. you have HIV (haha)
    3. You are out there. living your dreams

    but basically we both have the same dreams, temperaments (forgive me for the comparison) and now even moods in blogging (as I have made my intention to expand my blog). Funny thing is though, whenever you write your stuff here (formerly your literary ek ek), I always end up on a familair ground. Maybe its true that we are of brothers from different genetic make up, which is remotely possible. but then again I shouldnt tell you this, but I cant relaly help myself noticing some similarities, as I have told you maybe you are an INFJ or whqtever.

    One of my dreams if evr I land on that us soil is to have a roadtrip either with family or myself because driving for me in a very strange land is quite a liberating experience. I enjoy travelling so much that when ever Im in the bus, I just stare at the window, watching everything as it moves. and thinking so many things about life. I guess driving and riding an a moving vehicle gives us really a literal glimpse of what journey is all about.

    Im am stuck here in my little farm, you are out there in the us. pRactically you are living my dream. and its such a pleasure whenever I read your serious stuff because its like I am watching my dreams fulfilled and being unfolded in one of your so many entries that could have won awards.

    You drive your blog, and I am there at the back seat, riding with you everywhere you go in this journey we call life.

    bluepanjeet’s last blog post..The is Google going religious?

  2. BURAOT (Author)

    hehhe. separated at birth? dami nga natin similarities tol. kaya kahit ikaw magaan ang dating sa akin. lam mo na, maganda yung vibes.

    me ganun kasi, yung unang dating agad, magaan yung aura ekek.

    we are the same. thank you for riding with me bro.

  3. mtoni

    inaantay ko pa mgcomment dito si kotsengkuba.
    gagaleng nyo talaga, nde naman siguro obyus na peborit ko kayong tatlo.

  4. Nice new blog… new year… new start… new beginning… new drive… Keep going my friend… let’s ride on.

    Ruthi’s last blog post..I’m Back in School [sort of]

  5. tissue pls.?
    Nag nosebleed ako ng bonggang bongga eh?
    tas langya, nabuang ako dito sa pagcomment.
    di ko malaman kung pangalan, email o url ba ilalagay.. hinighlight ko pa para mabasa ko.
    ngaun ko lang nalaman na napaka deep mo pala.
    di kita masisid, di kita maarok.
    buraot ka ngang tlaga.
    at sosyal ka.
    .com ang iyo, akin .info lang.
    mag pacontest ka nga ulit.
    ung tipong siguradong ako mananalo.
    tas $100 ung pot money.
    sige na..

  6. BURAOT (Author)

    @toni: busy pa yung lolo mo. sangkatutak din ang sites nun eh. pero sya yung tumulong gumawa nung script ko sa entredropper. lam mo naman si kk, expert.

    @ruthi: hey ruthi, have you seen my entredropper? patok yun sa mga sites mo na me entrecard. hehehhe.

    @enday: sowee. niaayos ko pa din nga yung mga kulay kulay. hehhehe. papakontest din ako dito. soon.

  7. Roy

    wow! very figurative!

    this post made me subscribed to your e-mail!

    mukhang marami akong mapupulot sa ‘yo, hehe…

    driving, life, reckless, crashing, traffic stop – wow!

    napapakanta tuloy ako ng….

    “gusto kong matutong mag-drive… (kahit na wala akong kotse), gusto kong matutong mag-drive… (kahit na wala akong kotse), mag-drive! mag-driiiive!”

  8. BURAOT (Author)

    hehehhe. thanks sa pag subscribe cabalen. honga, drive lang ng drive.

  9. nice entry!!!

    just keep on driving…

    marco’s last blog post..After What Happen…

  10. BURAOT (Author)

    will do marco. kaw din.

  11. Pareho tayo bro – no matter what happened to my life, I still want to live forever because I love living and try lots of interesting things. 😉

    Snow’s last blog post..Bloggery Buzz of the Week (01.12.2009)

  12. BURAOT (Author)

    yep snow. we will all die somehow naman. so for now, let’s enjoy life.

  13. Sakay na! Napakalalim mo palang nilalang kapatid. Ngayon ko lang nararamdaman ang tunay na kulay ni Buraot. Sabi nga nila ang taong magaling magpatawa ay ang taong malalim ang pananaw sa buhay.

    Ambo’s last blog post..Twitter : A Powerful Social Networking Tool

  14. Btw, nagsubscribe na din ako dito! Dual pa! Bloglines at email sosyal! hehe

    Ambo’s last blog post..Twitter : A Powerful Social Networking Tool

  15. BURAOT (Author)

    ambo, hehehhe. konti lang yung lalim. ika nga nila, mhirap mapunta sa balon, madilim. hehehhe.

    tenkyu sa subscribe. nga pala, send mo sa kin lahat ng sites mo na me entrecard. para isasama ko dun sa entrecard generator ko dito.

  16. o eto na dito ko na send hahaha

    Thanks Brother!

    Ambo’s last blog post..Bloggers Project for Flash Flood Victims in Cagayan De Oro City

  17. BURAOT (Author)

    ayos tol, salpak ko yan lahat.

  18. wow galing naman ng post na toh…. para lang yung kantang gusto kong matutong mag drive…mag driiiivvvveee…..please lang turoan nyob akong madrive 😀

  19. BURAOT (Author)

    honga. e-heads na e-heads ang dating. 😉

  20. talaga 😀 at naaalala ko pa grade 6 ako nung una kong narinig yung magazine na kanta nila.. ahahah

  21. BURAOT (Author)

    grade 6? wahahahha! eh 90’s yun. ibig sabihin college ka pa lang?

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