I Am Buraot: My Evolution

angrybatThis is me.

My life around me, things that surround me. Everything that falls beneath and anything that there above flies. My descent to the abyss and back to the arms of the heavenly.

My philosophy is humanity. I am a citizen of the world, nationality only creates boundaries. Science is my religion. As much as science cannot prove everything, religions are just a by product of cultures. We can give thee endless names, but there is only the One.

Dogmas shouldn’t keep us away from having our personal relationship with the One. And science should be our way of finding the truth that we had been asking since Mankind took the first step out of that ape-like form, and we should ask the One… why are we here?

My politics, my thoughts, my freedom of speech. Common sense is what I try to adhere to. Liberalism, conservatism, socialism, capitalism, etc. There is no perfect system, like there is no perfect world. There can only be good and bad in everything. There can only be differences.

Only harmony in diversity can we move forward as one.

It is my trait. The impatience, brought by the inevitability of change in the midst of the never-ending cycle of waiting for it to happen. The pessimism to life, the clockwork cycle of life and death, of war, of sickness, of famine, the greatest injustice to a living soul.

Above all, it is my hope. However I wanted to abandon such an idea, it is the last that I, and in our case, the only thing we could all hold onto.

This is my very post here. So, I guess I need to set up some parameters, objectives, what my readers would expect, what I expect from myself, what I intended to write, and not to write.

The only parameter I have on this new site is that I have none. This in fact is a spin-off of my literary and political blogs. It is the next evolutionary step to my blogging career. The only objective I have is that I will compile some of my previous posts that I personally found to be worthy of a second look, while I continue to catalog my life and everything around me in such a way that it can be fun and remarkable to read.

Here I will write everything about my life in more ways than one. Using different literary forms and forms of speeches, I think it would be best to record my life that way not just in keeping its characters private but more so as to make it more entertaining.

This is my religion and philosophy, my science and politics. This is my evolution.

I am Buraot.

The Drive


  1. amen. joke lang. hehehe.. musta ka na? namiss kita ah.. buhay pa ba? hehehe.. Very nice post about you.. 🙂

  2. BURAOT (Author)

    hehhe. buhay pa naman… 😉

  3. nice to know that you’ll write about political blog. magandang timing yan, just in time for 2010. but anyway, philippines always have a colorful politicians! 🙂

    Snow’s last blog post..Strong Earthquake Hits Costa Rica

  4. Roy

    aba! seryoso!

    Roy’s last blog post..The only woman in my life…

  5. BURAOT (Author)

    hi snow, actually matagal na ko nagsusulat ng politics, i have 2 other blogs na politics ang theme. kaso ang hirap imaintain. kaya isasama ko na lang dito.

    hey roy, konti lang. hehehhe.

  6. sakit sa mata… naduduling ako… hehehe… babalik ako ulit..di ko pa tapos basahin…

    reyapot’s last blog post..New Year’s Resolution #1

  7. BURAOT (Author)

    hehhe nakakaduling ba reyapots? yaan mo nag-iisip pa ko ng ibang lay-out…

  8. ahehe, ang lalim. nalunod na ako waah!
    .-= fedhz´s last blog ..main door kitchen =-.

  9. hirap arukin…tama si fedhz malalim talaga…pro i like it ha. i like the writer behind this blog. meron syang depth…

    .-= Yljien´s last blog ..HTML Quick Reference =-.

  10. BURAOT (Author)

    wow, hinukay mo oa yung unang post. heheheh.

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