A Lunar Love Affair

my moonI decided to leave work early. Being a night owl myself, I work graveyards. But today I can’t wait ’til seven in the morning.

I don’t feel sick. I just kinda feel like I was in a trance due to fatigue. My mind was like in auto mode. Everything I see looked like it was hazy and wrapped in cold water-carrying clouds.

My body was so stiffed I thought this must be how it feels when you get injected with formaldehyde. I guess if somebody asks me a question, my only reply would be, “say whaaat?”.

I got out of the building and began to find my parking spot where I rest my mini. Walking without actually thinking, I thought I was sleepwalking. I looked down and saw a gray human form in what seemed to be my own shadowy self. There was some light coming from above me somewhere. Must be some powerful spotlights roaring over the West Los Angeles skyline again.

But the light was constant, not an on-and-off-on-and-off glow like that of a lighthouse beaming towards one particular spot at one time but rather a constant flow of brightness radiating from somewhere and directing its reflection in outward directions. It wasn’t the sun I was sure, it was only 4 AM. So I looked up but still I couldn’t find the source.

By instinct I look towards the Santa Monica Pier.

There she was. It wasn’t the traffic lights nor some neon or spotlights from some fancy enterprise. It was her. She was full, and she was immense. Hanging over the horizon, gently suspended above the hues of slowly-rising clouds, she was majestically giving away all her vastness. It was magical. I have never seen her so big before.

I entered my car and drove as carefully as I could towards her. As soon as I had found the perfect spot, I got off the car and just stood there. I stood there by the beach and just watched her.

There was I, joyfully immersing myself with the showers of her powerful glow. Now I can sense the presence of some magical phantom overwhelming my entire body. That same feeling I feel each time I sit on top of a mountain, traversing the crispness of a rainforest or resting next to some centuries-old trunk of a tree.

I let her fill me with her heavenly luster. I allowed her to slowly reach the sanctum my inner soul. And she nurtured me like a lover caresses another. Her purple haze cloaked me with a sense of calming peace. And her presence almost drove me to a madness of pure joy.

My senses were becoming clear again. Now I could hear the dewdrops as they slowly freeze on the tip of the icy cold railings. A mile away I could see a wave as it slams the coasts with thundering force, and notices how it quickly changes to small tiny bits of pieces afterwards. I could feel the gentle morning fog as it lightly breezes through my hair.

I was refreshed and revitalized. Working seven nights a week with less than six hours of sleep everyday made me feel like a zombie. But her warm afterglow gave me the strength that I will definitely need for the coming days. I was such a night creature gaining strength from her fullness. And my zombie-like presence is now growling like a werewolf. I am now ready for another week. I was fully charged like a bunny with alkaline batteries inside my back.

Even as I was about to leave, I slowly gave her that same passionate glance, the same way she gives me her warm embracing radiance every time. My love affair with her, always is an enchanting one.

And I will keep on coming back for more.

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  1. oh you can’t look away from her radiant beauty…no, you just can’t and neither do i:) have a stress-free weekend!

  2. BURAOT (Author)

    hi mina, yep, sya pampatangal ko ng stress.

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